Lawmaker advises on ways to build stronger nation

A member of the House of Representatives, Mr Ganiu Johnson, told Nigerians on Monday to love one another and live in peace, to build a stronger nation.

Johnson, representing Oshodi/Isolo Federal Constituency ll made the call while speaking with reporters at a Sallah party he organised for his constituents in Lagos.

He said the country would overcome most of its challenges if citizens loved one another and worked assiduously for the progress of the nation.

Johnson said the main lesson of Sallah was love and sacrifice, noting that the country would be a better place if all Nigerians showed love to one another and made sacrifices for the progress of the country.

”The main lesson of Eid el Kabir is love and sacrifice and I urge all Nigerians to love one another and make sacrifices for the nation.

”If there is love, there will be peace and if there is peace there will be progress and if there is progress, there will surely be development.

”The country can actually overcome its present challenges if all of us love one another and work for the progress of the nation. Therefore, we should see ourselves as one. We should love one another.”

He also told Nigerians to shun violence and other acts that could undermine or threaten the progress of the country.

Johnson, a former Commissioner of Works in Lagos State, advised politicians to shun politics of bitterness and always see things beyond politics.

The lawmaker said it was in demonstration of inclusive politics that he distributed rams and other food items to constituents of various political parties on Sallah eve.

He said the gesture was to show love and appreciation to his constituents and give them a sense of belonging.

Johnson said he was committed to the welfare of the people, promising to work assiduously to impact on the lives of people in his constituency.

”What we did to the people before Sallah was to touch lives, you see, after the election, you must reach out to everybody.

”I am not just representing my party or the people who voted for me. I am representing the people, and they belong to different parties and you must care for everybody.

”That was why we gave rams to people, including those in the opposition to show inclusiveness so that people would know we are one and not practising politics of bitterness,” he said.

On the precarious security situation in the country, Johnson expressed his optimism that the problem would soon be resolved.

He said that President Muhammadu Buhari was working hard to check security threats across the country, adding that he believed Buhari would handle the problem.

Johnson said, however, that everyone had a role to play in promoting security in the country, urging citizens to be vigilant and cooperate with security agents in their efforts to address the problem.

The lawmaker assured his constituents of quality representation at the House of Representatives, saying he would push for things that would impact positively on the lives of the people.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that many APC members attended the party, including Chief Henry Ajomale, a former Chairman of the party in Lagos State. (NAN)

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