Labaran Maku,Nuhu ,DG FRCN Implicated in Alleged Secret Recruitment Scam

By Citizen Reporter

The exact magnitude of the scam is being investigated by the agencies ,but insiders say an on-going secret recruitment scam is causing disquiet within and outside the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria,FRCN.

Sources revealed Minister of Information ,Mr Labaran Maku and the Director General of FRCN ,Mallam Yusuf Nuhu  may   succumbed to “all manner of pressures “  and recruiting  new workers into the corporation without following  due process.One of the most scathing criticisms is that this recruitment is taking place without advertisements.”People are being employed to please some topshots” one insider said.

But there are also telltale hints sort of   money- for- jobs scandal which has rocking some federal agencies may   reared its head at FRCN.Unconfirmed reports  claimed  that as much N500,000 was  being demanded from some of  those seeking such jobs.But could not confirm if anyone has indeed made such payments .

The bulk of the against the minister and the DG apparently  revolves around the fact that they  resorted to secret recruitment to employ relatives of influential politicians perhaps to curry favours. On source said  that government actually approved recruitment of new staff in some agencies .The question now is why is due process not being followed ,an insider said

These secret recruitments have led to a bloated staff strength of FRCN ,a source alleged .

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