Labaran Maku miscommunicated ,By Mohammed S. Umar

Minister-of-Information-Labaran-Maku-418x215Information management is about creating understanding in a society and between various interests. The responsibility thrust of a minister of information should then be to market aggregate values of a country to the audience that should include those within the country (citizens) and outside in image laundering. It becomes tragic and bizarre when an instrument of cohesion falls into the wrong hand of those that now go berserk to disparage a section of a country in uncouth language to satisfy select interest.
Every reasonable Nigerian should condemn the recent outburst of the Minister of Information, Labaran Maku. It is evident that the minister is becoming irascible in trying to cover up iniquities or disappointment of the PDP led government. His tirade against Governors Wamakko and Kwankwaso of Sokoto and Kano states respectively failed to address the burning issues confronting the nation today.
Indeed, being a northerner, Labaran Maku is fully aware of the weight of his ranting. No amount of apology can attenuate a deliberate insult on a people.
In describing the exit of the five governors from PDP to APC Labaran Maku said “they are like the Fulani nomads, they move from one party to another without shame.” Every patriot can now glean that this is a calculated insult against a people. One wonders how the Fulani stock in PDP would feel about a government that stoops so low to insensitively unleash inappropriate charade against their culture.
Unfortunately, there is virtue in migration for legitimate business. It is exploration of new frontiers which helps in human evolution. A static people creates a dull, odious, nauseating and erratic environment where nothing moves – it nurtures a stock of irredeemable revelry that continually snores in hang-over while their house is on fire.
The fact we tend to miss in the political development of the country today is simple acknowledgement of degeneration of state of affairs. It is ubiquitous and incontrovertible that the country is witnessing monumental poverty. There is unprecedented unemployment among vibrant section, the youth. This is because critical infrastructure that would facilitate employment generation is neglected for chase of political office glamour. Government is about addressing issues of good governance, which should reflect on the general life pattern of the citizens not mere rhetoric. The prevalent insecurity in the country has endangered economic and social growth in some parts of the country. Security of life and property is a
social responsibility the government owes the governed. It guarantees the courage to invest by potential investors and precipitates greater and freer social interactions among the populace. That confidence of a secured citizenry is fast eroding from the psyche of every Nigerian. There is capricious lack of trust by the masses towards their leaders, and worst among themselves, because of perceived alienation.
The governors that decamped from PDP to APC did not take that decision in a hurry. Indeed, every option to convince the leadership of PDP to adhere to inclusive style of leadership was thoroughly explored, but unfortunately it was obvious that narrow interests had already been entrenched to truncate democratic principles. Concerted efforts were severally made to reconcile issues that border on the democratic mechanism of a true national party, but were rebuffed at every stage by petulant leadership that was vehemently insensitive to majority opinion.
The two governors Labaran Maku singled out for vilification were very fundamental to PDP fortunes in 2011 general elections by their delivery of strategic votes that ensured PDP victory. They are now painful losses that have generated grief that employs vulgar language in depicting its characterization. The present scenario is a dramatic stage crafted by PDP in hitherto callous leadership style that thrived in isolationism and high handedness. The recent change in the leadership of the party has justified the stance of the patriotic governors that had all along been drumming the necessity for that change in PDP in the interest of the country.
So it is unfortunate that such patriotic zeal is now being described as “over-size ego” by Labaran Maku in a very strange context. In a true democracy contributors to shape policy earn respect and not intimidation as being witnessed in the structural tilt of information dissemination of the Labaran Maku image-making formula. His current emotional outbursts at every forum prompt a doubt as to the desirability of his capacity and capability to continue to manage the nation’s information system.
Unless there is a deliberate (scheme) to use him as agent of more mischief making, there are other Nigerians that can favorably substitute with greater wisdom and circumspect.
The analysis of the present composition of the leadership of APC in Sokoto and Kano by Labaran Maku when looked carefully is vindictive orchestration of frustrated interest bent on creating disaffection among the people of the two states. The analysis is obvious in intent and purposes. Governors as chief executives cannot be irrelevant in their party leadership. It is normal democratic practice that they control the party at the state level to maintain necessary discipline and good followership. PDP or Labaran Maku cannot deny this fact, no matter how hard they try to stoke up embers of disaffection in Kano and Sokoto.
Unfortunately, it appears Labaran Maku might be relishing a dicey defection by those so-called founding fathers of APC in the states he mentioned. We wonder why the internal issue of APC should bother the Minister of Information. The evidential showmanship or persuasive nature in justifying the exit of the so-called founding fathers of APC in Kano and Sokoto failed woefully to situate their action within the Fulani movement theory of Labaran Maku. That is a typical hypocrite and a subordination of professionalism to mawkish sentimentality.
PDP instigated its present fate, and now there is strong opposition in APC certainly the party is at the brink of disintegration. It will be worse for it when APC takes over the mantle of leadership after 2015 general election. People can be fooled for some time, but definitely not all the time. It is time for change and the train is meandering through every nook and cranny of this country to connect the masses that shall sweep off the debris scattered all over the political landscape of this country by PDP.
APC is the party of the masses. It is a party that transcends every parochial sentiment. It is a party that provides platform for all those oppressed by the dictatorship of PDP. The fortunes of the party increase with every crass remark by likes of Labaran Maku.

Mohammed S. Umar
Sokoto Liberal Democrats Media Foundation (SOLID)
[email protected]

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