Korea reiterates commitment to expand cultural exchange with Nigeria

Mr Lee Jin Su, the Director of Korean Cultural Centre in Nigeria (KCCN), on Tuesday announced the Centre’s plan  to expand cultural exchange with Nigeria.
Su made this known in a media briefing in Abuja to mark  the centre’s 10th anniversary in Nigeria.
“The  year 2020 marked the tenth anniversary of the KCCN in Nigeria. It has made great effort in various fields to promote cultural exchange between the two countries.
“As a result, we have produced a number of remarkable achievements amid extreme moments. It was all possible. Thanks to the affection of Nigerians toward Korean culture.
“Now the KCCN is preparing for a leap forward to a new decade of relationship with Nigeria. Continuous support and cooperation from Nigerians are essential.
“As the director of KCCN, I promise to do my best to boost and expand cultural exchange between Nigeria and Korea. I humbly ask the media to spread Korean Culture to Nigerians as much as possible,” he said.
Su recalled that when he arrived Nigeria two years ago, he noticed  that Nigerians were proud of their culture, as well as  open to foreign cultures.
He explained that Nigerians had created amazing cultural achievements in a variety of fields through inmate talents.
“As a country that has produced a Nobel Prize Winner in Literature, Nigerians have deep knowledge in Literature and their passion and talent toward music and dance are drawing attention from around the world.
“I take great pride  in the fact that I am working to promote cultural exchange between the two countries for these wonderful people.
“Unfortunately, due to the unprecedented COVOD-19 pandemic, we faced many difficulties and limitations when preparing for cultural activities in 2020,” he said.
According to him, events like K-Pop, Dance Competition, Ambassador’s Cup Taekwondo Championship, Korean Film Festival have  been cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
“It is now time for the KCCN to prepare for the post COVID-19 era. It is time when a lot of thought is needed on what can be done to promote cultural exchange between the two countries under this situation of COVOD-19.
“We appreciate Nigerians and their positive reactions to our online events which was just as high as that of the offline,” he said.
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the KCCN in 2021, would carry out events like  Contactless, Popular Recurrent, K-Wave Awarenesses, Networking and KCCN Visitation. (NAN).