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By Richard Spillett  12th March 2012

THE families of two men executed by al-Qaida in a special forces shoot-out had paid £1million towards a ransom.

Desperate relatives handed over the money to Nigerian terrorists holding Chris McManus and an Italian hostage.

But the pair were killed by extremists during a firefight with Brit commandos.

Mr McManus, 28, a construction worker from Oldham, Lancs, had been held with colleague Franco Lamolinara for 10 months.

Mr Lamolinara’s family say the £1m was the first part of a £4m rescue fund for the pair.

However, both men were shot by their captors during a fierce gun battle last Wednesday.

The Government has denied the ransom claims, saying there was no “coherent” demand from the terrorists.

British policy is not to pay ransoms but the Government does not stop others from handing over cash.

Culled from Daily Star

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