Kenyan opposition supporters gather for ‘swearing in’ of leader

Several hundred supporters of Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga gathered on Tuesday morning a park in downtown Nairobi, determined to “swear in as ” their leader who boycotted a re-run election in 2017.

Uhuru Kenyatta was sworn in a second in November after the repeat in October that Odinga boycotted due to doubts it would be free and .

Kenyatta had also been declared winner of the August election, but the Supreme Court later nullified that result, over irregularities.

Odinga said the October election was “fake” and earlier said a “people’s assembly” would swear in on Dec. 12.

That did not happen, and a new event was planned Tuesday.

By 0600 GMT, about 400 people were gathered in Uhuru Park, near Nairobi’s main business district.

Though the police had said they would prohibit any assemblies on Tuesday, there were no uniformed police in the park and no anti-riot officers or vehicles.

Local radio station FM reported that supporters had been granted permission by Kenyan authorities to use the park.

Police and government spokesman were not immediately reachable comment on that report.

Opposition supporters claim Odinga won the August vote.

“The swearing in that will happen today is legitimate based on the Aug. 8, 2017 election.

“Odinga is the one we recognise as the and that is why we are swearing in,” said hairdresser Benta Akinyi, 32, near other opposition supporters blowing horns and whistles. (Reuters.NAM)

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