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The people of Kano, northwest Nigeria on Saturday overwhelmingly rejected state creation, state police and rotational presidency.

Opinion leaders who made presentations during the public hearing organized at various Federal Constituencies across the state held that the three issues were not the immediate problems bedeviling socio-political growth in the country, adding that those advocating for them do not protect the interest of the North.

Participants who spoke to P.M.NEWS frowned that some of the issues they expected the National Assembly to deliberate upon were not in the highlights of the Constitution Review, alleging that unseen hands sponsoring state creation, state police and rotational presidency simply want to break the political strength of the North.

According to them, there are more pressing and disturbing issues the National Assembly should address rather than bothering itself with some obvious trivialities.

Ahmad Tijjani noted that, “state police would only add salt to the injury that we are faced with, in terms of security. We are therefore not in support of the idea. And Nigeria is not ripe for such or similar arrangements.”

Also, another participant, Mustapha Sheriff believed that, rotational presidency was undemocratic and did not give the needed right for the electorates to make their choice. Their political choices were misguided and would not achieve anything, so long as presidency would continue to be shared among the zones.

However, in Nassarawa local government, Nasiru Ali Ahmed of the Congress for Progressive Change, CPC) and people belonging to different political parties were seen putting heads together before passing their opinion on almost all the issues raised in the documents presented to them by the National Assembly.

Ahmed cautioned all the participants to be very serious and curious in determining an answer to each of the questions raised by the document.

“Today we are all one. Our party differences should please be closed for now. And I am promising you that I am not going to give something different from what you decided upon,” he noted.

A sad drama took place in Gwale Federal Constituency where an angry mob descended on their representative, Bashir Hussaini Galandanci of the Peoples Democratic Party, for undisclosed reasons.

It was learnt that Galadanci arrived to the hostile reception of the crowd which chanted slogans suggesting he was in some kind of trouble with his people.

Witnesses hinted that Galadanci was physically molested by his attackers to the point of coma and was saved by the timely intervention of security agents.

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