Kalu to T.A. Orji: Stop Hiding Behind One Finger

A former Governor of Abia State, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, has told his successor, Governor T. A. Orji, to stop hiding in the shadows of his aides and declare an open confrontation with him if he believes he has the capacity for such a fight.
Kalu, in a by his Special Adviser, Oyekunle Oyewumi, described Orji as a coward without focus, direction and discretion.
Oyewumi said events in the last few days have shown that Orji lacks what it takes to be a man by hiding behind others to effect decisions he took with his kitchen cabinet members.
Oyewumi said: “Isn’t it funny that Orji denies virtually every action he takes, heaping the blame on others?
“Or how else do you describe the credited to the incoherent Commissioner for Information in Abia State, Dr. Eze Chikamnayo, that the state government was not behind the withdrawal of the Bachelor’s degree certificate of His Excellency (Kalu) Abia State University?
“Or how will you classify the by Orji’s Chief Press Secretary, Ugochukwu Emezuo, days before the withdrawal of the certificate, that Dr. Kalu has no certificate from ABSU?
“If truly the state government was not involved, how did Emezuo get wind of the information days before the of the university even ?
“Or how do you place the protest arrested students of the institution hours before the of the university demanding that Kalu’s certificate should not be withdrawn if there was no leakage of information from the Government House in Umuahia on the subject of the meeting of the ’s ?
“After all, the Senate of the meets from time to time.”
Oyewumi said Orji’s denial of the obvious amounted to not having the courage to fight.
He added: “Orji has forgotten the saying that any man who hides behind one finger is only deceiving himself.
“He should equally not forget that money was paid for the advertisement Senate of ABSU on the withdrawal of the certificate of His Excellency and being media practitioners with higher levels of contacts, we already know the route through which the money for such advertisements run.
“Added to that is the fact that Orji in his warped thinking has forgotten that his government is made up largely of dissatisfied people who are willing, at no cost, information available to those who need it.
“Otherwise, he should have asked himself a question even an idiot would have asked himself when days before the ignominious move to revoke the certificate was taken, the Dr. Kalu camp raised the alarm about the move: How did the information get out even when the decision was taken in the Government House in Umuahia, with only a few supposed loyalists present?”
Oyewumi said it has become obvious that Orji is headed for destruction, adding that no matter the number of probe panels he sets up, Dr. Kalu has to fear.
He said: “Even the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has tried all it could to nail Dr. Kalu without success.
“The only crime the Commission has been able to come up with was that Dr. Kalu did not account for security votes.
“And one wonders when that has become a crime.
“Are state chief executives under the Nigerian laws expected to retire security votes?
“The answer is no.
“And Orji himself should not quickly forget that the determination of the government to ‘punish’ Dr. Kalu was because of the simple reason that he backed an ingrate like Orji to become the governor of Abia State despite stiff opposition from the Presidency then.
“But the challenge remains: Orji, come out of your hiding and do this battle man to man if you have the courage.
“Until then, it is better for you to prepare to account for the stolen resources of the state after leaving office, having squandered the commonwealth of Abia people.
“No one, and I repeat no one will be able to save you with the deluge of information already in the public domain of how you stole the people blind and bribed a few others to keep the state perpetually in bondage.”

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