Kalu blasts Abia PDP stalwarts

kalu  700Former Governor of Abia State, Dr. Orji Kalu, on Sunday blasted some members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) from Abia State led by Governor Theodore Orji who, at the weekend, marched to the party’s national headquarters in Abuja to plead with the new chairman, Alhaji Adamu Mu’azu, not to allow the imminent formalization of his readmission into the party.
In a statement released yesterday (Sunday) by Kalu’s media advisor, Mr. Ebere Wabara, the former governor declared that the so-called ‘stalwarts’ “were cowards and renegades bent on pulling the hands of the clock back out of sheer ignorance and pecuniary enslavement.”
His words: “General Ike Nwachukwu (retd), who was directed by his governor-benefactor to speak on the team’s behalf, is a spent force with no mind of his anymore due to senility. He is politically irrelevant and could understandably be cowed and used by any mischief-maker for mercantilist jobs.
“As for the moronic governor who was the cheer leader and the state’s docile members of the National Assembly that sheepishly accompanied him, they are mere rascals and anti-democracy elements who do not mean well for the party and our state they purport to represent. It is unfortunate that they do not understand the new thrust of politics in Nigeria and the PDP ethos of all-inclusive participatory regime.
“These idle folk from Abia State who are obviously afflicted by dementia and pettiness need our party’s assistance to rescue them from political cesspit. As for me, these so-called ‘stalwarts’ are like bulls in the PDP china shop. They need to be quarantined away from the party’s chair,” the former governor said.
Kalu enjoined the new PDP chairman “to disregard such retrogressive, vicious and mischievous wild-cat interruptions that border on duplicitous motives and crass clownishness,” he pointed out, wondering why just “one man would be giving a bunch of trembling ignoramuses sleepless nights. I sympathize with the minority clan of anarchists and urge Mu’azu to ignore them in the interest of our party,” he said.

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