Kalu and his non-partisan political Movement

By Odimegwu Onwumere

With the movement by Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, the former governor of Abia  State, for sincerity in the equation in Nigeria, calls for  fête. Popularly called OUK (being the initials of his names) Kalu’s  crusade through his non partisan- movement – Njiko Igbo – is  intact that Ndigbo the next president of Nigeria in the  2015 elections.

Recently, in an event at the North Carolina chapter of the Jewish  National , Kalu received a high rending ovation and the  support of all that matter at the event. is not even the cordial  and strengthened relationships he has brought to Nigeria through his  intercontinental voyages.

It is pertinent that in the current development in Nigeria where the apt to filch is becoming a culture, Ndigbo come  together as to help them identify the numerous challenges that are facing them with the rest ethnic or geographical groupings in Nigeria.   is an extension of the invite by Kalu, which many people have identified with him through the Njiko Igbo.

Notwithstanding, some persons due to their personal enrichment might  say that Ndigbo are not marginalized in the national management  , but the glaring truth is that the 2015 elections would  buttress how true they are. To Kalu, the actualisation of the Nigerian president of Igbo drawing-out in 2015 is a test-tube to Nigeria, whether she really meant her position that she operates in accordance with the yernings of all the ethnicities in the country, but most  especially, the Igbo.

The way and vibrancy the Njiko Igbo is operating, Kalu is making it a  unique podium for the unity of Ndigbo, a sought of reconciliation dais for the widespread good of the Igbo. It won’t good that always, the Igbo voice is heard, while there is no authentic action backing the  voice. Kalu had affirmed in a forum through the acting secretary  of the Njiko Igbo that the Igbo need harmonisation that include  harnessing the miscellaneous interests in the South East zone of Nigeria.

This is why all and sundry have got to join in this crusade. No  tells his or her enemy his or her mistake while standing aloof. It is  time to promote a universal South East. Kalu believes that if the Igbo have and solid voice any national issues, the  participation to actualise the 2015 Igbo presidential dream would not  shrug.

Although, Kalu is man that can never discouraged by any  perceived enemy’s action. But if certain Ndigbo from a quarter  continue to trade blames with their discouraging antics, it might very hard for the Igbo to president of this country. Kalu has come  out to help systematize encouraging means for the people of the  eastern Nigeria to take pleasure in the contribution of Nigeria’s  presidency. He believes that this would bring about justice and equity in the governance of the country.

If there is anybody who is financially stable, that person should  Kalu. But while a few people who feel that they are okay through what  they get from Abuja hence do not show any remorse whether the Igbo are  president of the country or not, Kalu has left the comfort of his zone  to crusade that Ndigbo should stop doping in Nigeria, whereas many of  the people they started far ahead of, are today very alert and agile  in Nigeria.

It is time to the growth of Ndigbo in Nigeria. OUK is the right track and should be supported this issue of national  interest. Kalu has shown interest of bringing the Igbo glory back. He  is right now the first this clarion call for the Igbo to  actualise presidency in 2015 since President Goodluck Jonathan came to  power and others started circling around him for the crumbs from his  .

It is right that while few people are acting the political clown, Kalu  ignores their act in this movement to unite the Igbo. The Igbo cannot  continue with this divisiveness and disingenuous traits. Every Igbo should settle for this! It is the very best way to achieve freedom. No  Igbo should hang to hopelessness the few people are giving Ndigbo  to wait after 2015. Ndigbo must not let anyone deceive them that there  is hope for them to actualise the presidency of Nigeria after 2015.  Ndigbo have strong one political spirit and in political  participations. Ndigbo should know that OUK is not confused; he knows  the present power realities that those in Aso Rock may be playing against the Igbo. This is why he has been shouting for the Igbo to unite and fight the political battle that is ahead through the  non-partisan political movement called Njiko Igbo.

Odimegwu Onwumere wrote this piece from Aba, Abia State. [email protected]


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