Kalu and His Attitude , By Odimegwu Onwumere

Many have pushed Dr. Orji Uzor , Governor of Abia erroneously thinking that he would become weak, but he always turned the supposedly weakness into strength. never doubts himself. And this is why he sees clearly into anything around .

Hardly does he judge people, even though there seem to be judges everywhere. Conversely, always risen above other contrary judgments. political attitude is aplomb. Odogwu n’agha!

While some are showing a high level of ingratitude towards , Kalu loved them, knowing that it is not all adults that have grown in attitude. Kalu knows that he is soundly bigger than these ungrateful whose second name is ingrate.

This is why he has been achieving in every ramification of life than the current crop of , for whom the name of Kalu has become an apparition of a sort. positive chain of reactions is occasioned by positive nature.

Apart from the fact that he has a wand of power that seems to turn anything he touches into gold, Kalu’s attitude sparkles with extraordinary results. This is the reason he is different from those who think that difference is just little, forgetting that it is that little difference that makes a big difference and makes a man to stand out from the crowd.

Nigerians do not only hear Kalu’s words, they feel his attitude. Like a student, Kalu never showed pomposity to learn something new. While many politicians are complaining so much, hinging their failures on frivolities, Kalu never did. Rather, he believes that a complainer is like a moron, who is always looking for excuses as an escape route.

Kalu is one great man from whom many people have learned a great attitude from. Kalu’s always successful outcome could be his attitude at the beginning of any thorny task, showcasing his positive attitude. He never said that nothing positive cannot be done, against the belief of the weaklings around.

Let us understand Kalu and his attitude to issues, which is that the interpretation of things lies not in the things themselves, but in the exhibition of our attitude towards them. Kalu’s character shows that attitude is everything in the world. He is always progressive to the extent that he takes up the challenge to revitalize anything that was presumed to be dead. With his attitude, Kalu sees challenges as an adventure, and he never does anything with bitterness. A on the man would attest to this. It has become imperative for those who had been fighting against Kalu to now stand with , or they will fall for .

Culled from: http://nationalmirroronline.net/new/kalu-and-his-attitude/


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