KaiOS makes WhatsApp affordable to all Nigerians

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Mr Tim Metz, Marketing Director, KaiOS Technologies, owners of the operating system for KaiOS smart feature phones, has said that the device would enable millions of Nigerians to access WhatsApp, and other popular apps, for ease of communication.

Metz said on Thursday in Lagos that the smart feature phone would be of great benefit to people who, ordinarily, could not afford a smart phone.

“KaiOS-powered smart feature phones are a new category of mobile devices that combine the affordability of a feature phone with the essential features of a smartphone.

“They meet a growing demand for affordable devices from people living across Africa – and other emerging markets – who are not currently online,’’ Metz said.

The director noted that WhatsApp could be downloaded from the KaiStore, an app store, specifically designed for KaiOS-powered devices.

He said that the KaiStore featured the Google Assistant, YouTube, Facebook, Google Maps and Twitter.

According to him, Apps in the KaiStore are customised, to minimise data usage and maximise user experience, for smart feature phone users.

Metz said that KaiOS technology was in partnership with , to make the phones available to the Nigerian market.

He noted that the phones were currently available in 14 countries in Africa.

WhatsApp is a messaging tool, used by more than 1.5 billion people worldwide. (NAN)

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