Kaduna herbal medicine practitioner complain of high cost of herbs

 Mr Peter Ochu, a herbal medicine practitioner expert based in Kaduna, on Thursday complained of well-being of persons who patronise herbal medicine being at stake due to high cost of herbs used for preparing it.

Ochu told News Agency of Nigeria (NAN)  in Kaduna, that increasing cost of herbs and spices would affect cost of herbal mixture, adding, “my concern is for those patients already on routine medication and the health implications that  skipping medication will have on them.

“Diabetic patients for instance, who may be able to meet up with current costs are likely to have problems if they discontinue medication,” he added.

He disclosed that herbs like dry ginger now sold at N38,000 per bag against N20,000 few months back, 20 litres of honey, is now sold for N52,000 against N38,000, which it sold for a few months back.

“Other herbs that witnessed hike include; finger millet, 80 per cent  increase, blackseed, 50 per cent, turmeric, 50 per cent , maca, 20 per cent fennel, 30, ground nut, 80 and tigernut 80.

“Although, prices of herbal medicine for now, is still minimal but with prevailing situation, cost of herbal medicine will witness increase,” he explained.

Ochu urged of public who patronise herbal medicine to brace up ahead of challenges, which he said due to nation’s economic situation.

He, however, advised public to observe healthy lifestyle including; balanced diet, exercise and desist from harmful habits like smoking and excessive of alcohol. (NAN)