Kaduna Electric launches Automated Meter Reading System

Meter tampering and energy theft in different forms, are some of the daunting challenges that distribution companies in Nigeria are battling to stay afloat in the business.

To check the menace, Kaduna Electric recently launched the software known as the Automated Meter Reading (ARM), thus becoming the second Disco to do so.

The software is deployed for Maximum Demand (MD) customers in order to have a holistic view of any activity that takes place on the meter.

Speaking on this development, the Head Information and Communication Technology, Mr. Yasir Abdusalam, said the feat is not only commendable because Kaduna Electric is the second to deploy this technology but because of the comprehensive monitoring advantage it has.

“This is a feat that we must give ourselves credit for because the business has hemorrhaged from constant energy theft which has led to great loss of revenue.

“The ARM is designed to address issues of energy theft arising from looping, meter/ feeder bypass or any illegal activity. Once this happens we will be notified in the head office”.

Explaining further, Mr. Abdussalam said the ARM will equally help the company forecast a customer’s energy consumption and has the ability to keep record of what is consumed.