Kaduna curfew relaxed gradually

state government has relaxed the curfew imposed on parts of the state albeit gradually.Today, the curfew  was lifted between 1pm and 4pm.

After 4pm  residents   expected to go indoors to observe the curfew .Subsequently, the curfew  will be lifted between 7am and  4pm.An observer noted that this gradualist approach may be  a measure of the lingering tension  and   authorities may just be trying to test the security waters with the new experiment.

There reports skirmishes at Goningora area of metropolis yesterday.At least 5 people killed  according to a report in the which erupted  despite the curfew.

Last week, a decision to lift the curfew resulted in disastrous consequences as broke out afterwards.The authorities and stakeholders are determined to avoid a repeat of that again.

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