June 12: Rights group hails Buhari, wants rebuild of burnt police stations

The Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA) on Sunday applauded President Muhammadu Buhari’s courage in implementing June 12 as  Nigeria’s Democracy Day.

HURMA’s Executive Director, Isiak Buna, gave the commendation in a communique issued following the group’s commemoration of the June 12 Anniversary on Saturday in Lagos.

Buna said that June 12, 1993 was a historic day because it was a day that Nigerians across all tribes came out to actually choose for themselves someone to represent their interest in governance.

According to him, if the government is not representing the interest of the governed, it will definitely translate into the oppressor and the oppressed or the exploiter and the exploited.

He said: “After several agitations from the people, President Muhammadu Buhari decided that June 12 would be remembered as democracy day.

“We need to give kudos and appreciate the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for this bold step which others before him failed to implement.

“He actually implemented the desire of the people by making June 12 democracy day. This, therefore, is a day Nigerians gather to reflect on where they are coming from and the journey ahead.”

The rights activist said that June 12 remained a day Nigerians should reflect on the challenges confronting the nation and the way out.

“We must appreciate what the government is doing because democracy is about good governance, good economy and security. Some people exploit the opportunity of gatherings to commit of sorts of crime,” he said.

Buna called on the Federal and the Lagos State Governments to expedite action on  rebuilding all the police stations burnt down during the October 2020 EndSARS protests.

The rights activist, who said that HURMA celebrated the 2021 Democracy Day at the affected Anti-Cultism Unit of the Nigeria Police in Gbagada, condemned destruction of public institutions for any reason.

Buna said that the group would continue to defend the right of the oppressed.

According to him, there are some Police personnel whose basic salary cannot cater for their basic needs, yet they remain faithful and dedicated to their work.

“We will not condone any act of terrorism or injustice against any citizen of Nigeria, it is our responsibility to fight with the instrumentality of the law.

“So, if the police too are oppressed, attacked or fall victim to oppression, it is our responsibility to as well stand to defend their right within the context of the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria,” he said.

He urged parents and community leaders to advise their children and wards to desist from any act of terrorism.

He said that children should not make themselves instruments for the enemies of the country to attack the facilities built with the collective resources.

He  said that the group would not condone any act of injustice by government against any citizen.

“We will continue to fight injustice on any citizen to any extent but with the instrumentality of the law.

“We appeal to both the government and the governed to please come together and let us make democracy a reality in our community,” he said. (NAN)