June 12: NYCN urges Nigerians to shun planned protests

The National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) has urged youths and Nigerians in general to stay away from any planned protest by on June 12, a day set aside for the celebration of democracy in Nigeria.

President of NYCN, Mr Solomon Adodo, made the call in a statement issued in Abuja on Friday.

The News of Nigeria (NAN) reports that individuals and groups have indicated intentions to stage nationwide protests against government on June 12, Nigeria’s Democracy Day.

Rather than the planned protest, Adodo said that Nigerians should use the occasion to reflect on the state of nation and engage in intellectual discourse that could proffer solutions to the challenges currently confronting the country.

Although he said that protest was the fundamental human rights of any aggrieved citizen, Adodo, however, stressed the need for Nigerians to use the occasion to reflect on how to work together for the country’s unity and progress.

“Considering the mood of the nation, it is safe to submit that this is not the appropriate time for such a protest.

“Rather, all stakeholders of the Nigerian project should use the occasion of Democracy Day to reflect on the journey so far and suggest of making amends where there are perceived lapses.

“What the nation needs at this period is to rally round the government to overcome the daunting challenges.

“There is time and season for everything. country today is being threatened by criminals masquerading as bandits, kidnappers, secessionists and outright .

“There have claims in quarters that of these challenges have propelled by enemies of Nigeria.

opine that unscrupulous elements, who seek to take over political power, are sponsoring criminals to destabilise the country.

, blame the challenges on the inability to provide good governance. Whatever the case maybe, we must first see ourselves as Nigerians and unite to confront whatever challenge threatening the soul of dear nation,” Adodo said.

The NYCN president also regretted that those who had chosen to protest at the slightest opportunity had failed to offer useful tips that could remedy the issues they chose to protest against.

He added: “We are disturbed that certain persons, who constitute themselves into critics and protest merchants, have not offered advice on of solving the perceived wrongs.

“As patriots, we must see ourselves as contributing to nation building rather than amplifying issues that give the nation image.”  (NAN)