Journalists want public inquiry on murdered activist,Oyerinde

The Journalist for Democratic Rights, (JODER) on Friday called for a public inquiry into the murder of Mr Olaitan Oyerinde, a labour activist and Principal Secretary to the  Governor of Edo State, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole. He was gunned down in the presence of his wife and children, leaving an everlasting traumatic scar in the hearts of his family.

In a statement signed by JODER’s official, Mr Kehinde Adegbuyi, the media group said the murder of  Olaitan further demonstrates the cheap and insignificant label on human  life in

Nigeria. Olaitan was a friend of JODER and a rare intellect known for his rare sense of dedication, honesty and dedication to the highest good for the highest number.

The murder of Oyerinde, if unresolved will show that there is no justification for blaming violent extremist groups, when politicians themselves are thought to be the sponsors of political violence across the country.

JODER said Nigerians should hold the Federal Government fully accountable, being wholly responsible for the security of lives and property in the country, until the government is able to establish the identity of those responsible for this wicked murder.

“In the eye of the public, the leadership of the opposition in Edo state stands accused. The only way to prove otherwise is to get to the root of the matter in a honest and transparent manner,” the statement said.

JODER said it is convinced that the only serious step that may unravel his death is to institute a public inquiry. “This inquiry must have labour, students movement, Nigerian Bar Association, (NBA), Nigerian Union of Journalists, (NUJ) representatives of traditional institutions in Edo, the Police and the SSS. For the first time,

Nigerians must take full control of the process that will lead us to these blood thirsty killers.”

The media group said it does not believe that the killers will be found by the Nigerian security  operatives. “Why should we think the killers of Olaitan will be brought to justice when those who killed a former Minister of Justice, Chief Bola Ige were neither found nor brought to justice. Nigeria has been pushed to the wall. It is becoming a jungle where any imaginable evil is possible. We expect to see security operatives promising heaven and hell about justice for Olaitan, but we are sure the killers of Olaitan, going by precedents, may never be found unless in the future when security is no longer a one man show locked in the pocket of the President of the country.”

JODER stated “We do not believe the police or the security operatives will unravel this murder. We do not think the killing is unconnected with the current struggle for political power in Edo state. Olaitan has been sacrificed on the altar of political ego and vain aspirations of brutes that see political power as an end in itself.”



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