Jonathan visits Yola amid fresh controversy

Jonathan-news 600President Goodluck Jonathan arrived Yola on Tuesday on a visit .An eye witness who observed the high drama surrounding the president’s visit today sent out the folowing on the spot notes .
“Mr President has arrived safely. He was looking bright and genuinely happy. The airport ceremony was brisk and interesting.
“However, I believe Mr. President will never know the true situation in the town. He will surely be visiting a ghost town,.but all the political jobbers are there in their numbers.We are waiting for Mr President to depart.
“The President and the Governor of Adamawa State have been riding in the same vehicle without any display of political differences. Banners, posters, party flags and countless security..operatives Iined the streets. No citizens for Mr President to see or to cheer him
Earlier, he said “We are on our way to the Airport to receive the President. I have never seen a thing like this. The whole town is deserted. All activities have been curtailed. No Banks, no Markets, no Schools,.even the abbatoir was deserted. All roads in the town are closed with people kept indoors.
At the Airport it was as if the people (they) are at a funeral occasion. What is really happening?
A Presidential .. has just landed.
After ward he reported “We are on our way to Lamido palace . The. National Chairman PDP is addressing party members at the Secretariat. It’s a pity no one is cheering the President. We are driving through empty streets. Even Filling Stations are closed. All the. Barriers along Yola road have been dismantled. We are close to Kaposi palace”
At the palace, the eyewitness wrote “Lamido Adamawa made appeal for the lifting of the State of Emergency due to the problems associated with the economic hardships experienced by the people of the State. The Lamido equallly made a case for several Federal Roads neglected in the State. These Jimeta to Yola road, Mayo Belwa to Jada to Ganye road, Mubi to Hong road, Yola to Fufore to Gurin road, and many others.

“The President contradicted the Military by saying the Governor is reasonable (on) curfew hours. However since the start of Emergency it is the Military that has been imposing curfew hours. As usual he made the usual political promises of looking into it. He commended Adamawa for producing ,Alex Bade the new CDS”

There was controversy prior to the president’s arrival over what projects he would be inspecting. Ahmad Sajoh,spokesman of Governor Murtala Nyako had in a statement denounced “some political statements made by a group known as Jonathan/Sambo Success Group, to the effect that President Goodluck Jonathan will be coming to Adamawa State to commission Federal Projects and show that the APC Government in the State has done nothing for the people. We view this as mischievous and a calculated attempt to malign Governor Murtala Nyako who ordinarily deserves commendation from the Presidency for the numerous Federal Projects executed, so we meant to be refunded but not reimbursed till date.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the Air Force Comprehensive School to be commissioned by Mr. President is just one of about two or three Federal projects initiated and completed in Adamawa State under the Jonathan Presidency. It is a shame that a group sponsored by agents of the Presidency will use it to announce success when Adamawa State Government under Governor Murtala Nyako has successfully completed the following projects: Yola- Numan-Gombe Road spanning a distance from Numan to Yola;PZ Roundabout-Welcome to Yola Gate- Sangere Road;Jimeta By-Pass from FGGC passing the New Airforce School-Gerio Junction;4-Span Bridge along Fufore Gurin Federal Road; A second Bridge 3-Span along Fufore Gurin Federal Road
;The Nigeria Law School, Yola Campus;The NYSC Orientation Camp at Bajabure
;Construction of Prison Headquarters called Murtala Nyako House;Administrative Block of the 23rd Armoured Brigade, Yola;Regular Assistance to the Police and other Security Agencies, (Vehicles, Cash etc);Establishment and funding of a Special Security outfit “Operation Tsaro (and) Provision of Temporary Structures for the Court of Appeal and National Industrial Court.

Sajoh said “We are therefore at a loss as to the claim by the so-called Jonathan/Sambo Group that Adamawa State Government has done nothing for the people. Contrary to their claims, what they ought to know is that Governor Murtala H. Nyako has committed more resources on Federal Projects than the Federal Government itself. And all these were done in the interest of the people of Adamawa State.

“Our understanding is that the visit of His Excellency President Goodluck Jonathan to Adamawa State on Tuesday 28th January, 2014 is essentially to commission projects undertaking by the Nigerian Airforce to enhance their operations and as part of their Social Responsibility to the host community.

“Such misguided groups are often the ones misleading leadership at all levels in the country. We therefore urge the President to be wary of the antics of such groups and their sponsors” Sajoh said

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