Jonathan Congratulates Obama, Seeks Stronger US –Nigeria Relations

Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan   congratulated  US President Barack Obama on his reelection for a second term.A statement by Reuben Abati, the presidential spokesman said, “On behalf of himself, the Federal Government and the people of Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan heartily congratulates President Barrack Obama on his success in winning re-election in  yesterday’s presidential elections in the United States.”

“President Jonathan welcomes President Obama’s victory in an intensely fought presidential race as an endorsement by the good people of United States of his leadership, progressive world view and the very good work he has done in the past four years towards ending global economic depression and fostering global peace and security” the statement added.

Jonathan observed that  Nigeria, the Economic Community of West States and the Union enjoyed very cordial and productive relations with the Obama Administration in his first term; President Jonathan looks forward to continuing to build on Nigeria’s and Africa’s developmental collaboration with the United States in the next four years.

Now, Jonathan “looks forward in particular to the further strengthening of US-Nigeria bilateral relations and the US-Nigeria Bi-National Commission which established in President Obama’s first term as the primary platform for the promotion of greater and economic cooperation between both countries as well as bilateral collaboration in other areas.”

Nigeria’s president also expressed the  hope “that the millions of people across the world, especially in nations who watched the beauty and strength of democracy unfold in the United States presidential elections yesterday will come to a greater and better appreciation of democracy as the key to building peaceful, stable and progressive societies.

In the statement Jonathan wished President Obama continued good health and God’s blessings and guidance as he prepares for his inauguration in January for a second term in as the President of the United States of America.

In an election that generally thought to be heading for a deadlock, Obama dramatically triumphed over the Republican Candidate Mitt Romney  to secure his reelection.

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