Jang:‘A lot of Boko Harams are part of the security wearing uniforms’

Plateau State Governor David    Jang  has expressed sadness over the recurring attacks which seem to have defied all security measures and called for the total overhaul of the security agencies, saying they had been infiltrated.He  spoke while responding to the remarks of visiting Benue State Governor Gabriel Suswam in Jos .

According to Jang,“Something must definitely be wrong. I have seen it and some of you have seen it that there is a lot of collusion even within the security forces. A lot of the Boko Harams and others are also part of the security that are wearing uniforms today.

“And there has to be a deliberate action to ensure that these elements that were probably recruited by accident, are flushed out.

“Even when you planned operations, before you carried out the operations, the enemies have already known. Having (been) part of the military forces, it is a very dangerous thing to have enemy within, it is the most dangerous enemy you can ever have.”

Jang, however, called for the Council of State meeting coming up on Thursday to be frank in finding a lasting solution to the recurring security challenge confronting the country.

“The President is going to brief the council of state meeting about the security of the naton and I think we should openly thrash this with our elder statesmen, the former Heads of States of this country.

“They have been Chief security officers of this state and a good number of them are retired generals and I think putting our heads together, we should be able to come up with a solution to the security problems.

“So I think on Thursday, we should be able to tell the President that nobody is today above him in this country and therefore he should be courageous so that we guarantee the over 150 million Nigerians their right to be citizens of this nation and foreigners to be protected.”Jang alleged that some highly people were sponsoring the insurgency in the country and pointed out that some of them were known as they had made inflammatory statements to make the country ungovernable when they lost power and got away with it.

Earlier ,Governor  Suswam warned other parts of the country against treating the recurring attacks in Plateau as the problem of the state. Suswam, who led a delegation of Benue government to condole with Gov. Jonah Jang of Plateau on Tuesday in Jos over the recent killings in the state, challenged all well-meaning Nigerians to see the attacks on the Plateau as a national problem.

“This has becoming recurring decimal in Plateau. I believe that as leaders, we must together, find a solution to this. It is not a Plateau problem, this is a Nigerian problem.

“This incident is of course a shame to the entire nation that a distinguished  senator of the Federal Republic and a member of the House could die in an incident such as this.

“This is unfortunate and this must attract the concern of all well-meaning Nigerians. I believe also as leaders, we should not stand by and watch this drift into an irreversible crisis in this country.

“It is difficult for people who have lost their loved ones to take this easily except we as leaders live up to our responsibilities,” he said.

Suswam said that it was difficult to believe that large group of assailants attacked communities without being caught and tasked security agencies to live up to expectation.

According to him, security agencies must ensure the perpetrators of violence are apprehended as it is only way the leaders can give Nigerians a sense of security.

“The only way we can give the Nigerian people a sense of security is that we get the people who have carried out this act otherwise I don’t think that people would be able to maintain some sense of security themselves and even confidence in us.

“We need to give people confidence, we swore to the constitution to protect lives and property. It has been happening and we the present leaders believe that it is your problem, it is Plateau problem.

“But it is not a Plateau problem, it is our problem and we must join you in finding solution to it. The general insecurity in the north has become a source of concern to all of us and as leaders of northern stock, we have to more than any other persons, find a solution to it.”

The Benue governor said that while the federal government had the overriding security responsibility, the northern leaders were directly affected and they should  start by seeing it as northern problem like it happened in Niger-Delta before the President could help out.