Israeli scientists discover way to block spread of brain cancer

Israeli scientists have found a method to stop spread of deadly brain cells, Tel Aviv University (TAU) in central Israel said on Sunday.

method, discovered in a study published in journal Nature Communications, is based on activating brain’s immune system.

First, team identified a failure in brain’s immune system, leading to amplification of cell division and spread of cells of glioblastoma, a invasive fast-growing type of brain .

According to the researchers, the failure in the immune system results partially from the secretion of a protein called P-selectin, that normally helps cells travel inside the body.

However, this protein bounds to brain immune cells, it alters their function so that instead of inhibiting the spread of cells, they enable them to proliferate and penetrate brain tissues.

Next, the researchers were able to inhibit the secretion of the protein, thereby neutralising the failure in the immune system, restoring its normal activity, and blocking the spread of this incurable aggressive cancer. (Xinhua/NAN)