Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu to Attend ECOWAS Summit in Liberia


Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to embark on another historic visit to Africa on Sunday, June 4, 2017 to attend the 51st summitof Heads of State of ECOWAS in Liberia.During the summit, the Prime Minister will sign a joint declaration for greater cooperation with the ECOWAS countries.

This historical visit will be the first foreign leader ever to address the summit of the 15-nationWest African regional body.It will also be PM Netanyahu’s first trip outside Israel after hosting President Donald Trump in Jerusalem.The trip is the first for any Israeli leader to West Africa since the late Prime Minister Golda Meir visited Nigeria in the 1960s.

The Prime Minister last year toured East African. Before embarking on the four-day historic trip he had remarked that”Israel returns to Africa, just as Africa is returning to Israel. In seizing the future, Israel is coming back to Africa in more than a verbal way.”

One of the key goals of the Africa trip is to strengthen economic ties and boost Israel’s know-how specifically, in the areas of water technology, agriculture, energy and cyber-security.

Israel’s relations with Africa go back to the 1950s barely few years after it was created in 1948.Delegations from African to Israel had made unforgettable impacts which are still being appreciated by many today.