Investment banking fees at record high in 2017 – Media data

Buoyed a in equity issuance, global investment banking fees rose 16 per cent to an estimated $104 billion in 2017, the Media data shows.

This is the highest level since its records began in 2000.

The rebound in fees to above pre- highs will welcome news for global advisors who complain they are being squeezed regulatory requirements amid competition from boutique players.

Following a downbeat 2016, investment banking fees for equity rose 41.5 per cent to $22 billion on an issuance .

Fees for bonds beat mergers and acquisitions as the number one product, rising almost 15 per cent to $31 billion.

Japan Post Holdings Ltd, the biggest follow-on offering of the year, and Japanese SoftBank Group Corp, which agreed to buy a large number of shares of Uber Technologies Inc in , were the biggest corporate clients of 2017 – paying out $382 and $378 million, respectively.

Japan saw a 50 per cent rise in total fees to $5.5 billion.

Blackstone Group was the biggest financial sponsor fee payer, shelling out $679 million, an increase of 87 per cent over the year.

JP Morgan was the biggest global investment banking earner of the year once again, racking up an estimated $6.7 billion in fees.