Investigative Hearing: DG of NOSDRA fails to impress Senate Committee

By Haruna Salami

Senate Committee on Ecology and Climate Change has rejected the report presented to it by National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency, NOSDRA at an investigative hearing  on Thursday for inconsistence and conflicting figures.

The committee was taking an “overview of internally generated revenue, IGR, lodgement to Treasury Single Account, TSA, 2021 projection and details of projects & contractors/2019 implementation status” of the agency.

Trouble started when the DG could not explain payment made for contract awarded in 2017, payment made so far to the contractor and the balance to be paid. 

The chairman of the committee, Senator Hassan Muhammad Nasiha became upset when the DG could not give exact figure, to the dismay of the committee. 

The committee also found the way the report was prepared as unacceptable

 and asked the Director General, Idris O. Musa whether he has competent staff under him. 

In his contribution, Senator Ibrahim Danbaba, (Sokoto South), a member of the committee said as a former civil servant himself, he found the report very poor and unserious, adding, we are not playing here. He asked the DG whether he read the report before presenting it to the committee.

All the DG could say was to offer apologies, but this did not appease the committee, which asked the DG to get serious and take responsibility. He was then asked to go back, prepare the report well and appear before the committee next Thursday. That will be the fourth appearance before the committee

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