Investigation:How a Corporal “who led an attack on Fulani Community” was killed in Barkin Ladi Last Week

In the course of our   into the fierce fighting  which erupted  in Gashish  and  Kurafalls ,two villages in Barkin Ladi Local Government Area  today has obtained a fresh account of the circumstances that led to the death of a Corporal last .

The death of the corporal led to the reprisal attacks by STF forces that    destroyed about  50 houses belonging to the Fulani community in the area.

A Fulani source who confirmed to that a corporal was in deed killed last in the area , said the dead  corporal  hailed  from the Berom community.

Narrating how   was killed, the source alleged that  corporal  had held a meeting with his Berom people and  under the cover of darkness, led his people to attack Fulani community.

“The Fulani also reinforced  as the attackers came and drove Berom  attackers back.It was in the process of driving the attackers back that the Corporal was killed, ” a source told local Fulani people said they did not know that a corporal was among their attackers last .They realized that after was hit  while  they repelled those they  thought were Berom attackers, a source said.

According to the source, STF sources who realized that their was killed embarked on reprisal attacks on Fulani homes afterwards without minding what led to  the corporal’ death.

Last week’ killing  of a corporal and counter attacks by the STF are believed to be behind today’ revenge  attacks on villages in Barkin Ladi Local Government Area.

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