Introducing Nigeria @ 100 Archi-Seum

A new project aimed at  preserving records past for future has taken off.It is called Nigeria @100 Archi-seum.It is an interesting idea spearheaded by Dr Raphael James, Director General Center For Reseach,Information Management And Media Development,  CRIMMD.

“We have just set up a new photo museum hosting photos Nigerian political history since 1900” he told in a chat.Published below is official introductory note on project:Happy Reading:

NIGERIA AT 100 ARCHI-SEUM is historical. It is rich with pictures and portrays slave trades and its relics, through to famous Berlin Conference 1884/85; the era Explorers (Expedition) of Dr. Mungo Park, Richard Landers and others. The on set of the merchants of the Royal Niger Company of Sir George Goldie through to Lord Fredrick Lugard who amalgamated Nigeria in 1914 and his wife, a former colonial secretary of great Britain, Flora Shaw, who historically invented a name for us-from ‘Niger-Area’ to Nigeria.

Outstanding landmark personalities abounds: the likes of King Onyeama, King Jaja of Opopo, Queen Amina of Zaria, Bishop Ajayi Crowther e.t.c. Protectorates governors and all former Governor Generals; fire brand die hard Nationalist from Sir Herbert Macaulay through to Mazi Mbaonu Ojike; indigenous Governor General; Regional premiers and Regional Governors; Military Head of States and their deputies; Military governors and the Military Administrators ever ruled in the making and shaping of Nigeria. Civilian elected president and their vice; and all the first ladies from Mrs. Flora Ogbeyalu Azikiwe to Dame ; elected civilians governors up to the present time, including Your Excellency Sir; Senate presidents and the Speakers of House of Representatives from the pre-independence era to the present time.

A pictorial role call of Chief Justices of Nigeria; Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Administrators/Ministers; Inspector General of Police (Past and Present); Secretaries to the Federal Government; Chiefs of Army Staff, Naval Staff; Air Staff, Chiefs of Defense and the Ministers of Defense; Comptroller General of Customs Service; Chairmen of Electoral Commissions; Central Bank of Nigeria Governors; notable people in the News; Nigeria women of substance and achievers; Events of the century; the Nigeria Civil War and personalities.

There is a section on “The 12 hour revolution of Isaac Boro”; “The June 12 Saga” The Second World War; The Nigerian Civil War; Biafran Republic, including emblems like stamps, currency, coat of arm and many others.

There are in addition, some historical relics, like stamps – as well the history of stamps dating back to the era of the first post office in Nigeria, a branch of the British General Post Office in 1851, to the era when the Royal Niger Company operated a parallel post office and postal administration in the Oil Rivers Protectorate of the Niger Coast territories in 1887, to the period when THOMAS DE LA RUE COY LTD. of London awarded the first contract for printing the definitive Postage Stamps for the colony of Lagos in 1868 by the Crown Agents. It has on display hundreds of stamps printed in the last 100 years.

Old currency and coins – Dating to the period, prior to the of the West African Currency Board: samples of used various forms of money including cowries and manilas and other strange commodities were also used as a form of exchange known as barter. Samples of the West African coins of 1930’s; the July 1, 1959, Central Bank of Nigeria currency notes and coins; the 1965 denominations; 1968, Nigeria civil war currency denominations; 1973, decimal currency; February 11th 1977 currency denominations; the July 2nd, 1979, currency notes of three denominations and the February 2007, redesigned currency notes.

National symbols past and present and a lot more, including different maps of Nigeria displaying state creations from the protectorate era to the present 36 states, old and new national anthem and the composers, amalgamations speeches and all coup speeches, symbols of coat of arms, flags and the personalities behind them.

There is also the book section, hosting great biographies of Nigerians, Nigeria history books, Military books, Civil war books and Who’s who in Nigeria books.

It is difficult to cover in writing the treasure on display in the Nigeria at 100 Archi-Seum; historically, it is the making of Nigeria in measure, The is awesome, it is a timeless treasure of Nigeria on the move to the next level.

We are looking at the possibilities of duplicating the museum in all the states for the younger and next generations to behold. It is historical, educational and tourist attraction, it can also funds, as visitors to the museum will have to pay and entrance fee.


138 Idimu Road, Idimu Alimosho, Lagos

Facebook page: Nigeria at 100 Archi-Suem

James: 08030700584

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