Interstate Ready To Take Enugu DISCO to The Next Level

Power stationThe Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Interstate Electrics Limited (Interstate), Mr. Robert Dickerman has declared that Interstate is ready to assume operations of Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (Enugu DISCO). The power expert will lead the multi-national and multi-disciplinary Interstate team which is poised and ready, to leverage the capabilities of the Enugu DISCO to improve energy delivery and customer service, in furtherance of the President’s transformation agenda.

Mr. Dickerman, an American, is highly regarded as a renowned energy executive, strategy, development and operations leader, and an effective communicator with outstanding relationships and contacts throughout the energy industry. With over 30 years of executive level experience in the industry, he headed KPMG’s Global Energy Strategy Practice. He also managed energy companies in Asia, Europe, North America and the Caribbean. His industry experience includes executive positions in Edison Source, Sempra Energy Solutions, Marubeni Caribbean Power Holding, and recently Zenergy Capital, Inc.

His words: “Our transformation of Enugu Disco to a world-class electricity distribution company will be anchored on three principles namely integrity, customer service and performance”. He added that Interstate’s mission is to ensure effective and efficient service delivery for the benefit of customers within our area of coverage.

He expressed excitement and privilege in leading the Interstate team and the opportunity of working with Metropolitan Electricity Authority of Thailand (MEA) — one of the most experienced firms in power distribution in the world.

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