INSIGHT: Capturing troops’ jubilation, excitement over Buratai’s visit to FOB Daura + Photos

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By Danlami Nmodu

It has been a tough couple of years for the military as security challenges kept mutating in different shapes across Nigeria. However the Nigerian Army, despite the odds has been equal to the task of tackling Boko Haram, banditry and others. Several feats have been recorded as well.Of course , there are still a lot of challenges to overcome.

Military insiders have repeatedly told Newsdiaryonline that one of the key factors responsible for the progress being made at various fronts –Boko Haram and the battle against bandits- is the leadership provided by the Chief of Army State Lt Gen Tukur and the military commanders.The commitment of troops is also the icing on the cake.

has been particularly described as very forthright, a trait that has made him adorable. Others argue that forthrightness can also earn you critics, anyway. One clear chance of seeing the Army Chief’s leadership by example in action was at Daura recently when he visited the Forward Operating Base FOB Daura on 15th August 2019.

During the visit, military sources said, Buratai brought his leadership style to bear as he participated in push ups with troops and officers.He addressed the troops frankly.

The reaction from the troops to his interaction with them was also described as “unprecedented” as troops were seen openly in jubilation amid the ovation.

An officer said the jubilation came on the heels of the announcement of welfare packages by the Army chief.

The military observer said Buratai “is truly adored by both officers and men of the Nigerian Army.”

The senior officer disclosed after the visit that in fact, literally, “Troops were prevented from raising him up. He is truly a leader, in touch with the grassroots.

“Look at him despite his age, rank and position leading troops to one of the most hectic military exercises – push ups.”

Even as critics wonder why the insurgency and banditry have continued, insiders say they are confident that the leadership of the Army Chief and his colleagues will soon make the security challenges a thing of the past.

Indeed, many observers are equally eagerly awaiting a joyous end to the challenges, a development which can largely come from happy troops, like scenes, from Buratai’s visit to FOB Daura, have shown. #TrackNigeria

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