Insecurity: Cleric advises FG, philanthropists to establish food banks

 Mallam AbdulGaniyu Al’Adabiy, an Ilorin based cleric, has advised the Federal Government to tackle insecurity establishing banks in .

bank is a non-profit, charitable organisation that distributes to those who have difficulty purchasing enough to avoid hunger.

Al’Adabiy, who gave the advice on Friday in his sermon, observed that the hike in the prices of foodstuff had pushed indigent Nigerians to start experiencing hunger.

He observed that there was no bank in any part of the country, adding that in advanced countries there are banks for the indigent citizens, where people resorted to in times of needs.

“There is hunger in the land. People cannot afford food like before because of hike in prices. The government must intercede because there is growing hunger being experienced the masses,” he said.

The cleric also attributed increasing cases of banditry, kidnapping and other insecurity in the country to hunger.

Al’Adabiy said that begging had become rampant across the country, while observing that most beggars do not ask for money but foodstuff now.

“Many had died as a result of hunger related diseases,” said the cleric.

According to him, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) gave an account of a woman who tied a cat and refused to feed it till it died, saying that Allah had promised hell for that person.

He opined that to solve the overall insecurity problems in the country, government at all levels, must urgently tackle food insecurity.

Al’Adabiy, who also related the story of Prophet Musa (Moses) as told in the Qur’an, said that Musa was commanded Allah to start his leadership solving the food insecurity of his people.

“Musa governed his people well by ensuring they had food security provided by Allah, known as Manna wa Salwa.

“The general insecurity being experienced in the country must be tackled holistically and food insecurity must be included, as insecurity might also have its root cause as a result of hunger experienced by people.

“We are appealing and urging our government and philanthropists food security for the citizens in the country.

“The masses must be food secured, peace and harmony reign.

“When the poor has no peace of mind, the rich will also be affected,” he said. (NAN)