Insecurity: Activist urges politicians to be mindful of utterances

A human right activist, Mr Christopher Ukaegbu, has urged politicians to be mindful of their utterances in order not to escalate tension in the country.

Ukaegbu gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday in Nsukka.

He said politicians and other stakeholders should consider national interest in all they say and do, especially now that the country was facing security challenges.

“Unguarded utterances and actions of some politicians and stakeholders are over heating the polity and escalating tension.

“Instead of being bridge builders, advocates of unity and peaceful co-existence, they are fanning embers of violence and disunity.

“Their main objective is to create confusion and violence at the expense of unity of the country,’’ he said.

The activist said instead of those politicians and stakeholders joining hands with government in finding solutions to the current security challenges, they politicise it for selfish gain.

“If politicians and stakeholders will join hands with government at various levels, security challenges in the country will come to an end.

“We should all know that security is everybody’s business and shouldn’t be left to government alone,’’ he said.

Ukaegbu advised some ethnic groups agitating for dissolution of the country in order to have their own nations, to think twice.

“There is nothing wrong with Nigeria as a country but our problems are Nigerians.

“If all Nigerians will agree to love and trust one another irrespective of tribe, language or political affiliations, Nigeria will become the best country in the world.

“We should all join hands to build Nigeria of our dreams since we do not have any other country we can call our own.

“We will be treated as foreigners in any other country we find ourselves,’’ he said (NAN)