INEC’s Plot To Rig The Edo Governorship Elections-CLO statement

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The attention of the Civil Liberties Organisation (CLO) has been drawn to the surreptitious and criminal plot of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), led by Prof Attahiru Jega, to rig the ongoing Edo state governorship elections.

According to reports received from CLO members in different parts of Edo state, INEC plots to rig the Edo governorship election in favour of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). The reports received so far from these members indicate that INEC plans to rig the election through the following means/ways:-

  • Removal of the names of voters from the electoral registers in the areas where the incumbent governor, Adams Oshiomhole, has comparative advantages and mammoth support.
  • Delay the arrival of electoral officials and materials to these same afore-mentioned areas and encourage the efficient flow of the process in PDP’s advantage areas, and;
  • Deployment of both soldiers and other aggregated security outfits to the state to muscle any oppositions to the outcome of the election that may not be in favour of governor Adams Oshiomhole.

Governor Oshiomhole had also addressed the media at his polling unit, today, where he spoke in line with the reports of our members. In his brief address to media men and women, Oshiomhole warned INEC not to do any funny thing that would cause the electorate not to freely and willingly express their electoral mandate in line with their consciences.

He expressed outright disappointment on the integrity of Professor Jega, his INEC and the national Commissioner- in-charge of the EDO elections, Dr. Ugbani.

Oshiomhole warned against unlawful disenfranchisement of those who had duly registered as voters, saying that he would not accept any acts that would cause the truncation of the process.

CLO is seriously disturbed by INEC’s plot to wreck the EDO governorship elections and the attendant human rights implications that the crisis would generate. We urge INEC to go back to its drawing Board and reorganise itself in tune with the provisions of the law, the desires of the people and due process. We all know the volatile nature of Edo state and can project the unpalatable crisis that would trace the outcome of the elections in case the vicious attempt by the PDP and INEC to rig the election against the desires and expectations of the Edo people succeed. May God forbid the emergence of another crisis-ridden zone in Nigeria.

CLO uses this forum to caution and advise governor Oshiomhole and all other former activists who take sides with reactionary and repressive regimes to crush the genuine and popular aspirations and desires of the people as were visibly expressed during the campaigns by the organised Labour to cause respect by the government for the Minimum Wage Law and the ‘’Occupy Nigeria’’ uprisings in January, 2012, by Nigerians against the senseless increase in the pump price of fuel by the PDP-led federal government.

We are well aware that Oshiomhole was employed by the Federal Government to work against the heart desires of the Nigerian people. The same government is paying him in his own coins today. CLO sincerely wishes that this would serve as a great lesson to all activists who have or may wish to cross the carpet in future to rethink their position to abandon their traditional constituency and people for the enemy.

Lastly, we enjoin all parties to remain calm but be watchful and resist, lawfully, any act that may cause the abuse of the rule of law and due process or crisis in the state.

Aluta Continua!


Ibuchukwu Ohabuenyi Ezike,

Executive Director.

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