Indonesian minister says COVID-19 vaccines from China in good condition

COVID-19 vaccines from China were in good condition upon arrival in Indonesia and refrigeration vehicles for delivery have been well prepared to keep the vaccines undamaged and safe.

Health Minister, Terawan Agus Putranto said on Monday.

“The physical checks must be carried out accurately, so that we are sure that the vaccine status is in good condition.

“ There is no damaged packaging or contents, and the temperature during the trip or delivery meets the procedures,’’ the minister told a press conference here.







A vaccine storage warehouse has also been prepared to accommodate 1.2 million doses of the Sinovac vaccine from China with cold chain management following the procedures, he said, adding that the COVID-19 vaccines were expected to be distributed to provincial health offices in several parts of Indonesia before being sent to district or city health offices.







Indonesia’s state pharmaceutical company Bio Farma has been ready with vehicles with good cold storage facilities to monitor the vaccine temperature during the trip, so that the quality of the vaccine is well maintained, the minister said.

The first phase of the COVID-19 vaccination would be prioritised for health workers, health worker assistants, and supporting workers in health facilities, Antara news agency quoted him as saying. (Xinhua/NAN)