India records 2,020 COVID-19 deaths in single day

 India has recorded 2,020 COVID-19-related deaths a single day, as the country continued its attempts to control the latest wave of sweeping the globe.

Authorities registered approximately 295,000 fresh infections and some 2,020 deaths the last 24 hours, according to Health data. Both were highest-ever single-day tallies.

The cases came amid a steady drumbeat of news of crematoria becoming overwhelmed and experts reporting the actual numbers are far worse than the ’s reports.

Health officials have said the medical system was stretching its limits, with widespread reports of shortages of beds and medical oxygen.

Social accounts were full of people searching for a hospital with a free bed or even basic medicines.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said late on Tuesday he was only prepared to consider lock downs as a last measure, favouring instead more localised controls designed to stop the spread of infection.

A nationwide lock down last year caused widespread confusion. It came with short notice and, since it shut down so much of economic life, prompted many people with jobs big cities to head home to villages, very likely accelerating the spread of the disease.

New Delhi went into a lock down again this , once again prompting many workers to opt to the city.

counts have been increasing rapidly in recent , possibly because some people have been ignoring basic guidelines such as social- and mask-wearing.

There have also been several large religious events in recent might have helped the spread.

On top of that, mutated versions of the virus are spreading rapidly in the country, compounding the medical problems.

More than 15.6 million people in India have been infected, making it the second-worst-affected country, only behind the U.S…

More than 182,000 have died after becoming infected. (dpa/NAN)