Igbo Leaders in Europe Hail Njiko Igbo

Leadership is not about age nor grey the qualities that comes with it.The of Igbo leaders in Luxembourg over the weekend to discuss the challenges facing Ndigbo and Nigeria saw the likes of Prof Onwuka Obioha etal who is a seasoned Speaker.

It was resolved that the best solution so far for Ndigbo to actualize the dream of 2015 Presidency of Igbo extraction is Njiko Igbo which its vision is for Igbo unity. After the the 10 man delegates of  Igbo leaders in Europe issued a communique in which they endorsed Njiko Igbo for its ideology of Igbo Unity and also commended Dr Orji Uzor the former of Abia State for the formation of Njiko Igbo.

at the , the coordinator Dr Basil Okeke advised Ndigbo to rally around and support Dr Orji Uzor whom he believed is the true Igbo Leader of our time. Being an Igbo leader is not by wealth by the level of sacrifices made in order the interest of Ndigbo. Constructive criticism is welcomed in 21st century not when it is detrimental to the progress of ones ideology.

The representatives of Njiko Igbo UK thanked the organizers of this wonderful event in Luxembourg and pledged  that “ all shall continue to pressurize Dr Orji Uzor to lead Ndigbo in 2015 because statistics have proved that he has the qualities and the spirit of unity.

advise Ndigbo to come together and stop witch hunting .


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