Ibo Clerics,Traditional Rulers,Others Woo Orji Kalu Back to Politics …As PPA Restrategizes

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By Danlami Nmodu

Some stakeholders from the South Eastern part of the country have been making moves “to strengthen  the position of the Ibo once again in Nigerian politics”,Newsdiaryonline.com  has been told. Highly placed political sources said that,  for instance, some groups including clerics, traditional rulers, businessmen and youth of Ibo extraction have been meeting and  resolved  to urge  ex Governor Orji Uzo Kalu of Abia state to return to political turf which he seems,  in their view, to have abandoned  from for some time now.

As a practical demonstration of this new political calculation,a top national executive member of the Peoples Progressive Alliance, PPA revealed that big politicians from the South East as well as some youth groups have alreading  been meeting with Kalu,telling  him to come out and provide leadership to the Ibo people . “They  are saying that the Ibos cannot  continue to be without a strong political front any more”, the insider revealed.Those wooing Kalu now  are not just politicians alone but they also include businessmen and some  others  described as core professionals who are telling the ex governor “bluntly that they want him to return to politics.”

One eyewitness told Newsdiaryonline .com in Abuja that  the  pressure on Kalu grew even  bigger as three bishops came in a delegation  including some  traditional rulers  from the South East that  held a meeting the  former governor   in  the federal capital territory this week. Among the series of meetings being held to woo Kalu back to politics  was the  one held   last Thursday.

It was also learnt that some businessmen and professionals from the South East are scheduled to hold further meeting with Kalu in Lagos on Friday. An informed source in the political circle said the Lagos meeting can  best be described as a follow up in  series of moves of late to make Kalu change his mind.So far,  sources said that the former governor has been consistently telling those wooing him that he has opted out of politics.

Perhaps in expectation of the sea change the  may soon take place,PPA insiders said already moves are being made to restructure  the party to make it a formidable front  for the Ibos .”The party Structures  will soon  be rejigged in order  to put the it on a sound footing .The aim of this repositioning  is to make PPA an eastern party strong enough to go into political alliance in the future”.

One of the insiders expressed  optimism   that  these moves will indeed  strengthen the party.But Kalu is said to have remained non- committal in the face of mounting  pressure.When Newsdiaryonline.com contacted the former governor , he  simply said he is a “retired person who should be allowed to rest.”


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