I support National Conference but… Atiku

Former Vice President has said he was opposed to a conference, provided the ultimate objectives are designed to dismantle Nigeria’s hard won unity.

Speaking an interview the BBC Hausa Service monitored Abuja, the former Vice President noted that though he was against Nigerians coming together to dialogue on the nation’s challenges, the rules of representation at such conference must be clearly defined.

According to Abubakar, if the modalities for representation at such conference were based on ethnicity, religion and regionalism, then he would throw his weight behind such endeavour.

He said that he would not endorse any effort aimed at dismantling Nigeria’s unity and cohesion under whatever guise.

The former Vice President advised advocates of sovereign conference to respect existing structures of democratic representation such as the Assembly.

his words, “Nigeria has come of age the journey to nationhood and any efforts designed to upset the apple cart of our unity is uncalled for at this time. The Assembly remains the best to channel such issues for deliberation rather than seeking unusual avenues to create confusion and threaten out unity.”

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