How women were shortchanged at PDP National Convention


The Forum of The Strategic Positioning of The Nigerian Women For Nation Building monitored the PDP National Convention  held on 24th, March, 2012 at the Eagle Square, Abuja. The following are our observations:

1. The Nigerian woman has a very long way to go. All the positions contested for was supposed to be for both men and women with equal chances. However, that was not the case. Even the position for the Woman Leader specifically reserved for women to participate in the leadership of the party and look into the peculiar needs of women as they advance the growth of the Party, men did not allow women to contest for this position freely and fairly.


  1. 2.  Well into the programme of the Convention, it was known that Governors had given out the list of ‘anointed and selected people to fill the positions meant to be keenly contested for, including the position of Woman Leader. Five women aspirants were screened and given the impression they will be allowed to contest. That did not happen. A delegation to the Aspirants declared other aspirants were to step down for one favoured aspirant based on some zoning criteria. But all the aspirants had been given the impression they will contest. They allowed them  to be screened, gave them the impression they will contest only to tell them to step down halfway into the programme. Honour requires that fellow women should have led the delegation to these aspirants and not men. It should be duly discussed amongst the aspirants a few days before getting to the Eagle Square rather than the intimidating and domineering approach witnessed at the Square in the public glare and hearing of those around. One of the Aspirants Dr. Betty Nnadi conceded to the team, led by the SGF, Senator Piui Ayinm Pius and five others but with some conditions.

3. On air, some governors said delegates were well briefed on the voting pattern and candidates to vote for. If internal Democracy is so tele-guided, what is the fate of democracy in Nigeria especialy?

4. We congratulate the new officers but hope they will carry everyone along and since they belong to the ruling party, we hope the thorny issues of 35% Affirmative Action, inclusion and participation of women in full governance, appointments and elections will  come fully on board.

5. The peace that permeated the convention is commendable. Internal democracy and women empowerment and participation is to be placed  on the front burner.

Forum For The Strategic Positioning of The Nigerian Women For Nation Building


Dr. (Mrs.) Sokomba,


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