How SSS stopped el Rufai from travelling to Dubai

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The cat –and- mouse game between the State Security Service SSS and former Minister of FCT Mallam Nasir el Rufai continued on Wednesday as the SSS stopped him  from traveling to Dubai.

El Rufai revealed what happened on his twitter handle at Lagos Airport. “The SSS at the Lagos Airport tell me they have orders to detain me and prevent me from traveling….the waiting game starts….

Then he added “I have just been stopped at Lagos Airport again….by the SSS….I wonder what it is this time….

“So after some 15 minutes of fidgeting and unlawful detention, I am seated in the lounge and on my way to Dubai…

Of course ,the former minister hit back at the secret police  in yet another post : “Our security agencies are a joke. Secession in Ogoni, BH killings in Kogi, war-mongering by Dokubo, they do jack! But they have time me..SMH”

E l rufai is not a stranger to the SSS.The former minister who has been arrested some time earlier appears to be on the regular watchlist of the state  especially since he joined the opposition CPC.

His travails started during the late Umaru YarAdua era ,a situation  which made the ex minister go  on exile.He was targeted for persecution because of his perceived high  profile .He returned after YarAdua’s death .Despite his initial friendly disposition to President Goodluck Jonathan,El Rufai parted ways with Jonathan and pitched  his tent with the opposition much to the chagrin of the regime.It has been a cat -and -mouse game ever since.

The former minister’s unrelenting  and courageous statements on the state of the nation especially the alleged involvement of FG in the string of bombings have made the regime even more uncomfortable with him.

No clear explanation was given as to why he was stopped from travelling yesterday.

However, Dr Doyin Okupe  ,the new presidential adviser on public affairs yesterday  lashed out at the critics of Jonathan including El Rufai and Pastor Tunde Bakare  .

Said Okupe “El-Rufai is my younger brother. I have so much respect for him. But politics is more or less derailing or deranging him.

“Everybody knows that insurgency is a very difficult national problem. It is not anything peculiar to Nigeria. No responsible citizen of any of those countries affected by insurgency before called on their Presidents to resign.

“When he talks about intelligence, there is no better security in any country than by the people of the country. It is communal security that will help government and security agencies to root out insurgence. If people shielded insurgents, they make the works of security agencies more difficult . “Can President Goodluck Jonathan be in Borno and everywhere at the same time?I believe that people just want to play politics. All what you are hearing is just the manipulation of the present situation to suit their political purposes.

“I am sure that my brother, el-Rufai, is hopeful to be a presidential candidate of one of the parties very soon. What I will expect him to do with the level of intellect, intelligence and the resource that has been given to his own personal education, is to come out with some reasonable plans, some suggestions, not just criticising government for criticising sake.

“If el-Rufai was President of Nigeria, what will he do? Why can’t he say that? Or is he keeping that until when he becomes the President by which time the whole country is wiped off? When tragedy befalls a country, responsible men and women of that country forget partisanship and rally round their nation and they try their best to help existing government to tackle that. Once that is over, they go back to politics.

“This is not time for politics. Every man or woman who politicises this issue of Boko Haram, people should disregard and discard whatever information they hear from them. They are not serious-minded people.”

Okupe added that “ Pastor Bakare also fall(s) into that category. It is shameful. You cannot convert the pulpit to a podium.

“If you want to be a politician, please come out.

“Pastor Bakare came into politics a few years ago and he became a vice presidential candidate of a major political party.

“Some of us have been in politics for 30 years and we did not even become a governor and we did not say the country must come down, that is unfair. It is unacceptable.”

“Boko Haram is something that evolved suddenly in the early part of the life span of this administration. Internal insurgency is not peculiar to Nigeria, it has happened in Oman, Sri lanka, Vietnam, Great Britain, Philippines, Kenya and Iraq.

“I wish to advise that if Pastor Bakare will be fair, he should come out properly to the political Arena and stop using God’s Pulpit to throw stones at God’s elect, as no leader will emerge in any praying nation like Nigeria without the blessing of God”


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