How Remote Sensing centre boosts agriculture -Gajere sector-DG

By Martha Agas

The Director General of National Centre for Remote Sensing (NCRS), Dr Effron Gajere, says the centre is critical to boosting agricultural activities across the country .

Gajere said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday in Jos.

He said that the centre had boosted the production of crops through various information it gets from the satellite.

“The satellite is virile in projecting suitable weather for land cultivation and harvest types.

“The centre has information on meteorology and the environment, to project the period rains and the quantity.

“We manage agriculture and can project the weather, using meteorology to help people to know when to plant crops or not,” he said.

He said the centre could monitor how the crops on the field were doing, “because we continue to retrieve data to see their level of development, so that we can project if there will be good harvest or a bad one .

“Also when the crops are infected by worms or any other rodent , we will be able to notice this base on how the crops are doing”.

Gajere said that the centre had monitored many forest in Nigeria, and had given advice to government on its findings on security situations.

He added that remote sensing could be applied in transportation to detect accident-prone areas and provide information which could be used for road construction.(NAN)