How Indian High Commission, Immigration Service Almost Bundled Us Out of Nigeria-Dr Bali

Moments after we published the story of Dr Singh who is praying the Federal Court,Abuja   to restrain the Nigerian  Immigration Service  ,others from repatriating him,we got this email about yet another Indian doctor who has given graphic details of how Indian Commission and the Immigration Service almost bundled   him (Dr Amit Bali)  and  Dr Neeraj Singh out of Nigeria , and much more .Here is the story of alleged   exploitation  of Indians by Primus  Hospital,Abuja  and the  equally  alleged complicity by those in authority as told by the  victims .Happy Reading:

“Exploitation of Indian Doctors in PRIMUS Hospital,Nigeria
Dear All,

I complete my 46 days today, out of my post of Consultant Anaesthesia at Primus Hospital, Nigeria. The matter is in court since 22nd . The 7 day show cause notice served to Primus hospital & the Nigerian Immigration Service(NIS) has expired on 28th Nov.
Myself and Dr.Neeraj Singh went to the Office of Commissioner in a state of desperation on the day of 29th ,not having enough resources to sustain ourselves anymore, without enough to even manage food and nutrition beyond a day or two,and no place to stay in the city. We were assured by the Commissioner, Mr.Sachdev that we will be helped and belongings which are still sealed in rooms at the residential complex of PRIMUS will be handed over to us along with our passports which are under the custody of NIS.

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We wrote a prayer to his office requesting for belongings and International passports alongwith tickets back to country. We also requested for food and shelter as we are incapable to sustain ourselves till the time we get our belongings, passport and tickets.
The high commissioner did enough to arrange for stay and food for the night of 29th nov. and assured us that we will be provided with all the above requested.
But the next morning we were told to go to the immigration office at Airport to catch the flight back home.
We insisted that our lawyer should know this, who then advised that the passports should be deposited at the FEDERAL HIGH COURT OF NIGERIA, Abuja division as the matter is in the Court. The deputy high commissioner who was repeatedly calling us was insisting on going to Immigration authority. He than refused to offer any such intervention and rather cancelled our further stay at the hotel telling us that you are on now. We have reasons to that this was an attempt to move us out of the country without our luggage and essential belongings which still lie sealed at our rooms in the PRIMUS residential complex.

We are again managing ourselves with the little borrowed we have to survive.
I appeal to one and to all that this kind of exploitation and harassment should STOP. And that no Indian or any human should be subjected to such an insult.

Sincere Regards


Another Indian Cries Out -Stop this exploitation going on in Nigeria-A petition:

Concerned authority:

Nigerian High Commission, India

Complain against-

1.      Achla Diwan, Chairperson, Primus Hospital (Nigeria) Ltd (contact No- +234- 8129008129 ) , Indian Address- Chairperson, Primus Super Speciality Hospital, Chanakya puri, New Delhi

2.      Nitin Diwan, director, Primus Hospital (Nigeria) Ltd (contact No- +0234 8129778899,

3.      Mrs Nidhi, Director HR, Primus Hospital Nigeria Ltd (contact No-  +234 8129979797 ), all of the above are presently residing at 54, Mike Agibwe Way, Jabi, Abuja, Nigeria, and presently managing Primus Int’l Super Speciality Hospital, Karu, FCT Abuja, Nigeria.

Complaintant: Dr Binayak Prasad, former Medical Superintendent of Primus Hospital, karu, Abuja

Complaint for Charges in accounts of- Cheating, forgery, forceful detention, non-payment of salary, threatening and indecent behavior

I am an Indian citizen who came to Nigeria on 28th Novemebr 2010, with a dream and mission to work hard and honestly to make my country India feel proud of me in general and Primus International Super Speciality Hospital In particular. There was news all around regarding hostile working condition and security issues and unwelcoming people. Still I decided to come here to prove something to myself that I can work and perform better in asking condition. My views totally changed after i landed here and spent first two months. Nigeria is totally different from what the world portraits it. people are hard worker and friendly. They know how to mix labor and enjoyment together. Country runs at its pace without bothering about what is prime concern of investors like owners of Primus Hospital. But they are not in totality. Even The foreign investors are not even bothered about well being and progress of the localites. The localites might have observed this for generations and hence they know whom to take seriously and how much.

The true colors of life were shown to me by my countrymen- my employers. I saw exploitation all around me. Without proper planning they brought all the doctors and supporting staff even before the building and infrastructure was ready!!!! incomplete till today as I am writing this complaint  to you)….No proper living conditions were provided…no proper power back up and water supply…Doctors were given single accommodation but the supporting staff were provided with small rooms which are divided into wooden cubicles where 4 persons stay and share a small toilet. Kitchen store has been converted into bathroom. For months there were no power supply…generator was made to run from 8 pm to 1 am and then 7 am to 8 am. There was at time no water for 10 days in a row. They had promised us fully operational canteen in Hostel but till today we are self cooking. Even the very senior doctors above 50 yrs age group cook their food. Since the working hours are long (9 am to 6 PM) – 7 days a week…most of us get the opportunity of just a single decent meal at night. Breakfast with dry slice of bread…just fruits in lunch (where is the time to cook) and Rice with cereal soup at night (very lucky if manage to cook a third option). As the supply was scarce there was time when we started fighting with each other over a piece of fruit or a lost bottle of water. Our salaries were held back for 2-3 months in the name of settlement of income tax issues…which is yet to be settled till date. Few who could not bear, fled the spot and other like me, in the dream and hope of changing scenario with change of time remained back and continued putting hard labor. we did all chores of things….like me – I became more expert in generator and water pump operator- Imagine medical Superintendent being woke up at 2 o clock in night to start/stop generator and manage adequate water supply. Promise of Laundry was never fulfilled…we all were made to wash our own clothes- after 12 hrs work day and no Sundays how can one find time to wash clothes!!


During all these things, my old urine problem surfaced- high frequency of urination with urgency and dribbling and pain. I tried to keep on going with medicinal help so that the project doesn’t suffer. Gradually as the project was inching toward completion, I planned to take a break to make a trip to India for my treatment. Before that there was not even a day of leave that I could take. On 28th April I applied for sick leave and decided to take rest because in the three previous night I cud not manage to sleep because of my urine problem and a sick patient. The very same day all the doctors and staff decided to stage a walk out to show their resentment for nonpayment of salary in time. There were few like me whose salary was not paid for 3 months in a row. This whole walk out plan was not in my knowledge as the staff thought that me as part of management would not support them. At point of time they decided to show me the request letter to release salary  addressed to chairperson Mrs Achla Dewan. When I saw that it was a plain request letter I signed it as well. Later part of the day the whole mutiny was brutally submerged by the chairperson Achla Dewan and her son Nitin Dewan, Director. She didn’t meet them in group but met them one by one and blame them for one reason or the other, called them names and threatened them of dire consequence and sealed their mouth. Next morning my condition aggravated and I started passing blood in urine. I got scared as there is no urologist here. I immediately booked my ticket for India and went to the hospital to submit application for leave. Then the chairperson suddenly caught hold of my collor and blamed me for the previous day incidence that I was the person who instigated others to stage a walk out against her and knowingly remained back home. She forced me to give resignation, stopped my salary , and forced me to pay back an amount equivalent to 40000 Rupees which was there in my account  (actually that amount was paid by a defaulter vendor who had to pay back to hospital). My three months salary amounting to Rs 450000 was not paid but Rs 40000/-was back from me. I could not pay for my flight ticket, I had to postpone my ticket. I pleaded to her that as I have already submitted my resignation and given a proper hand over and also I am suffering with dreadful problem of passing blood in urine, she should allow me to go. But she gave no reaction. I have seen doctors being thrown out of this place by force (without paying their dues-taking help of emigration officers) and others who want to go have been forcefully retained and their passports have been seized. She peoples with her power of and that she can do anything she wish. She instructed me to here for couple of days more in the name of charge hand over but I guessed more allegations will be framed against me. If I try to flee she may plant drugs in my room and call the police.I was really worried.

whole of the 1st may 2011, I spent in Hostel waiting for management to give me a call. I was still passing blood in Urine. when I got no call, I again booked my ticket to India for 2nd May 2011 and informed the management about my possible plan of movement. Next Day I left Nigeria.

Please help me to get my hard earned salary back.  I am giving you name of few lucky ones who could manage to free themselves from this place and are now in India.

My allegations are not false. It can easily be corroborated thru personal Interview with resident doctors and other Indian and Nigerian staff presently at Nigeria. My local bank account can be verified for transaction details. (Sterling Bank account No-301265072510 for dollars and 301265072110 for Naira) I have received salary just for 2 months @ approximately 3288 USD per month, whereas  I worked there for 5 months and 3 days. Even for my Return Flight I had to borrow money from my colleagues.

Like me of the lucky ones who managed to come back to India earlier are Dr Anant Tiwary( joint replacement surgeon) – +91 9711880188 , Dr Saha- Ophthalmologist-  +91-9810207717- who was forcefully thrown out of this place with the help of emigration officers and his belongings are still lying my room, Dr ashaq (physiotherapist) – +91 9990479562  , DR CP Tripathy (cardiologist)-  +91 9953333649 , Still about 25 Indians are there to suffer- for how long- depends on her mercy. All of them want to go back but she would never let them do that- after all she has to run the hospital- AT ANY COST…

If something happens to me, be sure that it is she behind it. If my disease takes a bad course, it is she who should be held responsible. I will commit suicide if she tries to blame me for embezzlement of some money, as I have never tried to earn without putting actual labor behind it…my career has been totally spotless. i am in pain – I cant bear anymore….


Thanks and regards
Binayak Prasad
Flat No 99 Pkt D -15, sector -7, Rohini, New Delhi-110085, INDIA

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