Failed ‘rain-maker’ disappears with N150,000 in Delta

By Owen Akenzua, Asaba

A rain maker, Chiedu Nwauko hired to ensure rain did not fall after he was paid in Asaba, Delta state allegedly disappeared into the thin air.

It was gathered that the rain-maker was hired by the family of a prominent Asaba business man who died on Monday around Isieke quarters where the rain intesified heavily, thereby disgracing the efforts of the rainmaker.

Accompanied with thunder storms, the rainmaker’s attempt inside the heavy rainfall to ensure it stopped, proved abortive after several incantations with grinded native whitechalk said to have blew to the sky.

“We paid him N150,000 to help us hold the rain so that we could bury our father and he failed to do all he boasted to us.

“What pains us most is that the more he blows the white chalk he grinded and put broken plate into the sky, the more the rain falls and destroyed all the food we cooked, but thank God we buried our father and we were looking for him, he disappeared into the thin air”, a daughters of the deceased alleged.

Those in the know said the rain maker is well known in Asaba for his good works, especially during rainy season when he surprises his clients, saying that the Monday disgraced was unfortunate.

“Rainy season is always very difficult to hold rain, so God is greater than the rainmaker hence he was disgraced after collecting money for the service”, one Lucky Oka said.

Asaba rains in most cases are heavier and non stop when ever it starts and often greets residents in hue and cry of destruction with mind blowing erosion menace.

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