Hong Kong Group suggests heavier tax on cigarettes to reduce smokers

The Hong Kong Council Smoking and Health (COSH) Thursday, suggested heavier tax cigarettes to cut the of smokers in Hong Kong.

COSH said the imposition of heavier tax was also an effort to double prices of cigarettes in that .

According to COSH, about 10.5 per cent of people in Hong Kong are smokers, adding that they currently pay about 7.3 U.. dollars for a pack of cigarette.

The urged the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) to impose a 100 per cent cigarette tax increase.

This said the imposition of tax increase would raise the retail price of a pack to about 12.8 U.. dollars and reduce the smoking population to 5 per cent or below in 2027.

Cigarette prices are low in Hong Kong compared to other developed economies such as Canada, Britain, Singapore and Australia, COSH said.

COSH cited a recent survey in which current smokers commented that the cigarette retail price should be increased to about 37.5 U.. dollars per pack, average, to effectively motivate them to quit smoking.

COSH said would also advocate long-term and comprehensive policies such as tobacco product display at points of sale, extension of smoke-free areas.

This said was in a bid to increase the legal tobacco sales age, tightened enforcement, and allocate more resources for smoking cessation services and smoke-free education. (Xinhua/NAN)

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