Here comes the revolution to retire Atiku,other PDP chieftains, By Babayola Toungo

The PDP and its presidential candidate want to project a façade of being confident of winning the soon to be held presidential election even with stark failure staring them in the face. All the indices show the party is headed for its worst electoral defeat since its formation and the result will sound the death knell of many a politician whose stock-in-trade was the perpetual electoral rip-off of the people.  But instead of accepting the fact that Nigerians are now wiser and have not forgiven the party for all its past malfeasance, the PDP people are trying to psyche Nigerians and the international community that Buhari and his party are planning to rig the elections.  Reminds one of Donald Trump, who in the run-up to the November 2016 elections in the USA, stated that he would not accept the outcome of the polls if Hilary Clinton wins the race because he doesn’t have confidence in the electoral commission.  When he won, he simply forgot his lack of confidence in the commission.  The reality here is that the Nigerian people are ready to consolidate on the revolution they started in 2015.

The allegation that Buhari is planning to rig the election is now the campaign slogan of the PDP. Realizing that they have run out of lies to tell the electorate, they now resort to fabricating a bogey for their anticipated failure come February 16th, 2019.  They have repeated the rigging allegation so much that I think they now believe their fable.  Even while failing to present a single shred of evidence to back up their allegation to Nigerians and the international community, they still imagine Nigerians and the international community take them serious.  Or they may be banking on the gullibility of some Nigerians.  They do not see any irony in taking serious exceptions to Wamako’s allegation that they are planning to rig the polls in Sokoto.  With mouth frothing, its spokesman in Sokoto vehemently denied Wamako’s allegations saying the PDP is not known for rigging.  Ironic, isn’t it?

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Their fixation in returning to the udders they were once used to and from where Nigerians pulled their mouths is scary, as they have started using incendiary language in their campaign.  The party’s Chairman, Uche Secondus went as far as calling for war in the event PDP failed to win.  If it were Oshiomole, the APC national chair who made the statement, our media will be up in arms telling us that APC are warmongers.  Why has the mainstream media pretended to be deaf and dumb to Secondus’s treasonable pronouncement yet made El Rufa’i’s faux pas headlines?  Different standards?

Knowing that they have lost the elections before the first vote is cast, the PDP have been targeting the electoral umpire, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and making it look like the APC and INEC are in cahoots to implement an institutional electoral fraud to deny the PDP victory.  They have lost all sense of decency by attempting to internationalise their warped version of Nigeria.  They have neither shame nor decorum to see that they are making their country a laughing stock in the international community. 

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The PDP is angry.  They are angry that Nigerians dared put a stop to their buccaneering politics in 2015 and worst of all voted for a Buhari, who they hated with a passion for his perpendicularity which goes against the grain of their fundamental believe.  They are so angry that they are lashing out at anything near and are not averse to bringing the roof down on top of everybody’s head as long as they cannot get their way.  How could Nigerians have the gall to stop their buying up the country?  This is at the core of the campaign.

For lack of any achievement to showcase in 2015, the PDP resorted to bigotry as shown by their campaign of hate, threats and brigandage.  This was the effective time hate speech and bigotry was introduced into our campaigns.  It didn’t work then and it seems the PDP hasn’t learnt any lesson from their misadventure.  After spending the better part of the period in opposition telling Nigerians that Buhari is a Fulani supremacist, Atiku is now telling us that he is more Fulani than Buhari. 

The group rooting for Atiku and the return of the PDP criminal enterprise to our national lives are selfish in a way that is much more horrible than the bandits and insurgents making our lives a living hell.  They are also products of their selfishness.  They hate the poor and don’t want them anywhere near planet Obasanjo/ Atiku.  Conversely, the poor not only hate them, but also despise them now that the Buhari administration has opened the eyes of the poor as what responsible governance means.  The Atiku group fail to appreciate the simple fact that they are despised by ordinary Nigerians because of the vicious streak that make them incapable of providing good, accountable and beneficial leadership.

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Atiku’s entire campaign strategy is centered on individualism – his circle of individuals and not Nigerians.  It is about their ego, which is coated in poison.  The PDP and its candidate believe Nigerians still cannot discern between the genuine article and its counterfeit.  We now know you can’t build a house out of crumbling old bricks – and the PDP and its candidate are crumbling old bricks.

The poor people of this country have thunderously refused to accept the halfway, the almost, the just about and the in-between by their turnouts at the campaign rallies of both Buhari and Atiku.  When I think of what Atiku represents, I forcefully push away any reality from my thoughts of the remotest possibility that he can win an election into any office in this country.

The only acceptable reality in my vision is where Buhari is leading Nigeria out of the doldrums that Atiku and his gang have thrown us into.  The Atikus in our national stage are used to lying, flattering, compromising and pandering to every ineptitude in order to be in control of our collective destinies.  Nigerians will not be dumb enough to allow them to again ascend the apex of our country’s leadership.  They will not win but Nigeria will win.  The Revolution is here to permanently retire them from our lives.  Let’s consign them to the realm of our nightmares.

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