Hembe Is Out: What Is Madam Oteh Waiting For! By Bamidele Aturu

The resignation or withdrawal as the case be of Mr Hembe and his committee from the capital market the weighty allegations made by Madam Oteh is unavoidable. The House took the wise decision to force the withdrawal of the controversial committee.

However, one is worried that Mrs Oteh sits comfortably at the helms of the Securities and Commission despite very damaging allegations of corruption and compromises made against her and her Board, of which the resolution of the Board on her prompting to generously award the sum of 30 Million of the taxpayer’s money to a Committee funded under the Appropriation Act is the most embarrassing. No matter her defence might be, Mrs Oteh no longer deserves to remain as the head of SEC. This is the only decent option for her in the circumstances. If she does resign, many Nigerians will be pardoned to dismiss her as a public enemy.

The matter should end there, both Mr Hembe and Madam Oteh should be invited immediately EFCC and the ICPC to explain their roles in the despicable corruption allegations. It is wrong for the EFCC and the ICPC to wait for the conclusion of the of the capital market. The subject matter of the is different from the allegations arising from the .


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