Happy marriage, key to training successful children — Counsellor

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A Counsellor, Mrs Funmi Adegboyega, on Sunday said that a successful marriage was key to bringing up successful and responsible children.

Adegboyega in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos said that when children were nurtured in a loving and peaceful home, they excel in life.

“A successful marriage brings about successful children. When children are nurtured in the environment of love and care, they excel in life, show love to others, they are happy, generous and always smile.

“Such children are often not afraid to speak outside and can express themselves anywhere because they have been influenced bya happy home,” she said.

The counsellor said most of the students who performed excellently in their academics and were exceptional, were usually from a happy home.

She said that the same children born from a home synonymous with violence and crises were usually those that grow up to become thugs and terrorists in the society.

According to her, the importance of love and care in a home and among couples could not be overemphasised.

Adegboyega expressed disappointment that a lot of couples, especially in Africa were struggling in their marriages and could not speak out to avoid societal condemnation and stigmatisation.

She said concealing such challenges was doing the marriage more harm than good and could eventually lead to its breakup if not well managed.

“Love is not something you can hide, it shows on you even though you are pretending.

“Unfortunately, the ignorance we have as Africans, that it is the men’s world and keep whatever you are going through in your marriage to yourselves, has affected the society negatively,” she said.

Adegboyega, however, urged embattled couples to consult counsellors, who were responsible and trained to help them to resolve issues and rebuild their homes rather than spiritualists who might exploit them and also compound their problems. (NAN)

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