Guber poll: ADP vows to takeover from major parties in Anambra

By Rosemary Ogbonnaya

Action Democratic Party, ADP, has said it is making an unequivocal expression of its determination not only to participate in the election, but to go all the way to clinch the ultimate diadem in the race.

The National Chairman ADP, Engr Yabagi Yusuf Sani made this disclosure in Abuja on Thursday during the inauguration of the Campaign Council for the Candidate of the party Action in the 6th November, 2021 Governorship election in Anambra State.

Sani expressed satisfaction over the selection of the Campaign Council, saying that those being mandated to spearhead the party gubernatorial campaign in Anambra State are all people of proven integrity, with extensive experience in electioneering, campaign planning and implementation.

He further said, “They are as well, people of unquestionable commitment and loyalty to the party who we are confident will not leave any stone unturned towards the actualization of our goals which is nothing short of replacing the outgoing political party occupying the Government House, Awka in 2022.”

The Chairman emphasised that the ADP has been enjoying groundswell goodwill and support from a broad spectrum of the electorate in the State ever since the party indicates interest in the election.

“The people of Anambra State are clamouring for the ADP and its flag bearer clearly because of the despondency, frustration and repulsion towards the so-called major political parties that have at different times, ruled over them from 1999 to date.

“Our party is in other words, reaping from the protest of the good people of Anambra State against the clan of rapacious and plundering buccaneers that have frustrated their craving and struggles for good governance and the dividends of democracy. As a result of crass incompetence and utter disregard for the people, in spite of the abundant, available resources and potentials which ought to have taken to great heights of prosperity and advancement, what we have is the unfortunate paradoxical situation of poverty, social dislocations, insecurity and a dimmed optimism in the future.

“I am not saying that the ADP is merely benefitting from the people’s aversion to certain political parties and individuals. Rather, the people are clamouring and flocking to our party because of the promise contained in our manifesto. Also, the ADP is riding the waves because our candidate, Prince Afam Douglas Luke Umezoeke is a dashing young man who has carved a niche for himself as a progressive and forward-looking gentleman imbued with outstanding leadership qualities,” he explained.

Giving a little window into the aspirant’s message of reinventing leadership in the state, the National Chairman said he has promised, among other revolutionary programmes, free education, a radical approach to infrastructural development and a pledge to put in place an economic blueprint that will stimulate Small and Medium Scale Entrepreneurship and commerce to take the enterprising and hardworking people of Anambra State, to greater heights.

Sani, therefore cautioned members of the Campaign Council that accomplishing the task before them, is not going to come easy, urging them to be conscious of the morbid fears of the party and resultant conspiracy by a gang-up of desperate and vicious politicians who have failed the people in the past.

He lamented that threat recently muffled by the ruling APC-Federal government to declare a State of emergency in Anambra State, is pointedly, aimed at the ADP.

Sani refuted the rumors being peddled especially, in social media platforms that ‘over 5,000 State Executive and members’ of the ADP ‘have dumped the party’ and joined the APC,saying it is a malicious story borne out of the figment of the imagination of roguish political jobbers.

He, therefore,called on the Federal Government, all other stakeholders particularly, the security agencies not only to ensure that the governorship election in Anambra State is conducted as scheduled on the 6th of November, 2021.

“There must not be any compromise, all impediments in the way of a hitch-free exercise, must be cleared so that the wishes of the people prevail at the end of the day,” he implored.