Groups To Stage Sambo Support Rally In Kaduna

The Northern Emancipation Network said it is leading five other groups for a rally in Kaduna to shore support for the retention of Vice-President Namadi Sambo on the 2015 PDP presidential ticket.

A statement signed by NEN’s Director General, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman said the rally would also dispel earlier misinformation that Vice-President Sambo has lost grip of the political environment in the North.

“We are concluding arrangements for a mass rally in Kaduna in collaboration with five other northern groups to state reasons why Sambo’s loyalty to the President should not be held against him as the desperate northern opposition would want the public to believe.

“Nowhere has loyalty to the principal by a subordinated ever become an offence; and Vice-President Sambo’s case should not be an exception,” Suleiman said.

He cautioned the northern voter to be wary of the antics of the region’s predator elite hell bent on causing confusion  which in the end only consumes the commoners while the elite families remain safe behind the comfort of their parents’ enclaves.

‘’The northern voter should not allow himself to be dragged once again into violence as a means to perpetrate the personal ascendancy war of the region’s self-centred elite (that)  wasted the decades of power it held in the past while leaving the bulk of the population wallowing in poverty and ignorance,” Suleiman warned.

The groups said they are also behind calls by Sheikh Ahmed Gumi for General Buhari to reclaim his statesmanship by declining his 2015 ambition in order to save lives of the common man of the north.

The collaborating groups, according to the statement are the Northern Coalition For Democracy And Justice,   Arewa Voters’ Assembly,   Transparency Movement,   Movement For The Protection Of Peoples Rights and   Women In Politics all based in the north.