Group urges Gov. Bagudu to back power rotation in Kebbi

A group, the Cry for Justice Movement in Kebbi, has urged Gov. Atiku Bagudu to institutionalise power rotation the three political zones in the state, to ensure equity.Alhaji Muhammad-Lamba, the Spokesman for the group, gave the advice on Thursday in Birnin Kebbi.He said that people from the Kebbi Central Senatorial District had been ruling the state from 1999 till date.“It is high time the governorship position be shifted to Kebbi North South Senatorial Districts in 2023.“ are calling on our governor to come forward and shoulder this

responsibility, and make power rotation a state policy.“If he does this, the people of the state never forget him for enshrining and ensuring equity in the sharing of political positions in Kebbi.“As a good friend of our governor, and as someone who wants him to succeed, I strongly advise our governor to institutionalise power rotation in the state.“The power should shift from Kebbi Central to either Kebbi North South, that has never had the opportunity to produce a governor.“ are not saying the power remain in one particular senatorial district, it should be rotational just like what is happening in Sokoto and Niger,” Muhammad-Lamba said.According to him, Sokoto and Niger states have been practicing power rotation since 1999 to date and the issue is not new in Nigerian politics.He noted that power rotation had been in practice in the for years, saying rotation was made expedient owing to the existence of six geo-political zones in Nigeria.“ are a living witness to how Chief Olusegun Obasanjo became President of Nigeria from the South- West region in 1999 and he ruled for eight years.

“After that, he handed over to late Alhaji Umaru Yar’Adua from the Northern region.“But unfortunately, his life was cut short by illness; there and then, Dr from the South-South geo-political zone, took over.“This shifting of the presidency to different zones of the show you what we are calling for,”Muhammad-Lamba stated.According to the group spokesman, power rotation is not a new thing in Nigeria’s political system.“We also have a similar case in Niger, as late Abdulkadir Kure was the governor from 1999 to 2007 from zone ‘A’.“Babangida Aliyu took over from zone ‘B’ and he also served for eight years.“Today, zone ‘C’ is in control under the of Abubakar Sani-Bello.“

Our target is to ensure that power rotation is respected in the state, as we are not targeting anybody, nor witch-hunting anybody,” Muhammad- Lamba said.He urged the youths, elected and political leaders to use their positions to equity and justice in the state. (NAN)