Group urges FG to involve youths in addressing challenges

Mr Irem Nnaemeka, the National Coordinator, Project Rescue Nigeria Foundation has called on the Federal Government to involve the youths in activities that will address the challenges facing the country.

Nnaemeka made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Friday in Abuja.

He said there was need to include support mechanism that would ensure that the youths continued to amplify efforts collectively and individually to restore the planet and protect life.

He said that the youths possess the innovation and energy to drive the country to an expected level of development.

Nnaemeka said it had become imperative for the government to engage Nigerian youths in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as they touched every aspect of life.

“While our group does not espouse separatism, it is important that we reposition the youths of our country to understand and appreciate the fact that they are the leaders of tomorrow.

“This will enable us to collectively harness our potential in that direction, instead of wasting our time and dissipating energy on singing the praises of bad politicians and earning crumbs.

“The task of rescuing our nation from the principle of insecurity, political instability, economic strangulation, religious bigotry, unemployment and other vices lies in the hands of the youths of this country, ” he said.

Nnaemeka reiterated that government should give the youths a chance to also contribute in solving the crisis in the country, adding that the opportunity would give them a sense of belonging.

Mr Philips Obuesi, a UN Ambassador for Sustainable Development and National Coordinator of Community Agenda for Peace said young people should be actively involved in peace building, politics and security.

He accused the political class of causing division among the youths, urging them to help to save the country, rather than looking after selfish interests.

Obuesi enjoined the youths to stand up and question bad governance, adding “we should always demand that the right things be done by those in position of authority and political power.

“There is need to build unity among the youths of this country to solidify their efforts and desire to take it to the next level of greatness.

“Today is another opportunity for the youths to celebrate and harmonise. We can make this country greater than what it is now. We can express our voices through the ballot boxes.

“I call on Nigerian youths to stop being errand boys to bad politicians. These politicians do not care about the future of the youths of this country.

“If youths unite, they can change the negative narrative of this country,” Obuesi said. (NAN)